However, depending on the telephone model and the software version you start from, additional steps may be required from those mentioned in this section. Two files on the file server are essential. The essential files are: An upgrade script file, which tells the IP telephone whether the phone needs to upgrade software. The Avaya IP Telephones attempt to read this file whenever they reset. There are separate upgrade script files for the Telephones. This is because the touch screen operation is significantly more complex than any of the other Avaya IP Telephones.

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You can actually use your telephone to access your Corporate intranet and the World Wide Web. Your System Administrator can optionally design a Home page on which your Web options reside or use an Avaya-provided Home page for this purpose.

Page 48 Using the Web Access Application Web Access Authentication Depending on how your Web Access application is administered, you might have to provide identification before gaining access to Web pages. Access the Web Access screen by selecting the Web softkey at the bottom of the display area. The Home page displays. Then use the dialpad to select the characters you want to appear in that case. Mode alpha displays all characters entered in lower case, and is the default mode.

Press the AddToSD softkey. The Speed Dial Editing screen displays, to allow you to change the name or number. To access the Options application, press the Options button below the softkeys. Use the standard paging indicators to move between the two Options Main screens. Page 55 Application Options 4. After changing an option, use the appropriate softkey to continue. Option When the Phone Screen on Answer? You lose any unsaved work in progress for example, labeling a Speed Dial button when the Phone screen displays.

The Call Timer displays in the top display area and provides the elapsed time you are connected on a call in h:mm:ss hours:minutes:seconds format. The Hold Timer displays in the applicable call appearance area, showing the elapsed time a call is on hold. Messages show in the call appearance display area. When this option is set to Half, the call appearance area is limited to half of the display area. Call-related messages appear on the top display line.

For privacy purposes, you can change the status to Disabled, to stop call logging and delete any calls currently logged. To restore the previous setting without making a change, press the Cancel softkey. A user generally does not need to view this information.

However, if problems occur, your System Administrator might ask you to report certain values from any status screen. Note: Status screen data can be viewed, but cannot be changed.

Note: 1. Page 61 Changing the Display Contrast Viewing Interface Status Your phone interacts with several system hardware devices and system software.

This screen provides information about three of the main interfaces. Viewing Miscellaneous Status Three miscellaneous status screens provide additional information about your telephone and its connections, such as the model, serial number, and MAC address.

Save the contrast level you set by pressing the Save softkey, or, to restore the previous setting without changing the contrast, press the Cancel softkey. The first Options Main screen displays. Viewing the Network Audio Quality In the event you experience poor audio quality during a call, the problem is likely with your network. Your LAN Administrator might ask you to display this screen to diagnose or troubleshoot audio problems.

Selecting Yes unregisters your phone from the call server, deleting your Call Log entries and returning any options you might have changed to their default values. Selecting No displays the first Options Main screen. The default setting is Disabled, meaning automatic backup will not occur unless you change the setting to Enabled. If this setting is Disabled, you might have to first provide additional information, such as the FTP server on which your backed up data will reside, before you can change the setting.

First you start backup file retrieval usually following a system failure or phone replacement. Note: Note: Retrieving and restoring backup data takes only a few seconds, however, while in progress, no other phone activity is allowed.


Avaya 4621SW IP Telephone (700345192, 700381544)



Avaya 4621SW User Manual


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