AFOSH 91-100 PDF

Zukree Inspects and maintains first aid kits IAW applicable afosn and replaces unserviceable components as necessary. To ensure safe and healthy working conditions for all Air Force employees; its ultimate goal is to protect them from work-related deaths, injuries, and illnesses. Trainees must actively participate in opportunities for qualification and skill-level upgrade training UGT. The or their designated representative will perform semi-annual inspections of all training devices and aids to ensure they are current and safe for training use.

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On the 54H60—91 propeller, in the mechanical governing mode, what causes the pilot valve to move and set propeller speed? When attempting to unfeather the 54H60—91 propeller in flight, where must the throttle be positioned? Quality Inspector QI Requirements.

What are the two main types of augmentor afterburner ignition systems? Pass complete! Sleeves will be rolled down and closed at the wrist for maximum fire protection. Seasonal periods for local flying may be defined using average ground temperatures and chill factors, instead of the calendar date. When sending wfosh requiring an action by higher headquarters HHQprovide information copies to all command agencies involved.

Which characteristic is the most common cause of bearing failure? If additional procedures become mandatory, units will be advised by message or supplement change. Trainees must actively participate in opportunities for qualification and skill-level upgrade training UGT. The documentation of training is paramount to the success of the training program. This USAF-approved item may be installed on parachutes and torso harnesses as authorized in writing by the local aerospace medicine office.

Which type of oil system stores the oil in a tank fitted to the side of the engine? This list is not Two units that work together to indicate that the oil system is operating correctly are the oil pressure.

On an F—PW— engine, the gearbox module is driven by the rear compressor through. When starting the F—16, which component drives the JFS geartrain, fuel control, and lube pump? When balancing a 54H60—91 propeller, the velocimeter is secured to the forward side of the RGB at what position as viewed from the rear?

The original technician inspector will correct all discrepancies prior to the piece of equipment being placed back in service. The helmet and mask are the only items authorized in the main compartment of the helmet bag. A qualified egress instructor will instruct the course. Boots, flying, extreme cold, Sorrel Premium, Mukluks, as well as vapor barrier thermal are authorized for wear during winter flight operations at the discretion of unit commander. Passenger PAX —Individual aboard aircraft for the purpose of transportation.

Which inspection is conducted by maintenance personnel after an occurrence of a specific or unusual condition? QCI is a process of visual examination without disassembly of specific ALS items to ensure the highest level of product quality. Inspections will be accomplished prior to deployments. On the 54H60—91 propeller, which component delivers the actual propeller blade angle from the blade to the control assembly? Which component controls the R Dowty propeller blade angle by directing engine oil flow through the beta tube to the cylinder and piston?

What type of bolt is used primarily in high-tension applications? Step up voltage high enough to break down the air gap of the igniter plug. On GTCP engine shutdown, what valve closes to ensure fuel-flow is terminated? Providing technical assistance and performing repairs beyond their capability.

The training program must ensure ALS personnel, both military and civilian, become and remain task qualified. Upon completion of training, one or more rosters will xfosh signed by the instructor and forwarded to appropriate office for input into AFORMS.

An additional 10 percent a minimum of one set when equipment is required to be designated in sets is authorized for change-outs to minimize aircraft down times. The headset will be carried in the helmet bag outer pocket. The letter of certification must include a list of courses applicable by aircraft system each instructor is qualified to teach and must be updated by endorsement throughout the year. There is a change in the torque transmitted to the torque shaft exciter wheel.

What are used to retain the turbine buckets in the first-stage wheel of the T56—A—15 engine? Which of the following is not one of the three means of rescue described in afosh afpsh On a GTCP engine, which component shuts the engine down if the oil pressure drops below the safe minimum operating limit?

Evaluate all ALS personnel using pass and fail criteria. Attends Air Force, joint agency, and industry meetings, groups, boards, task forces, faosh, and conferences dealing with developing, modifying, or researching ALSE. Would you like to merge this question into it? Compressor discharge total pressure and turbine inlet total pressure.

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AFOSH 91-100 PDF

Develops a technology transfer plan to move exploratory and advanced development ALS technologies into full-scale development. What is the nozzle module mounted to on the F—PW— engine? That, if uncorrected, will cause major loss or damage to equipment or a system. Proper bolt length allows a minimum of how many threads protruding the nut? Split and merge into it. Ensure adequate funding is provided to sustain non-cost per flying hour program items, i.







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