Kajijind Travel Intelligence and Personalisation Systems Amadeus Travel Intelligence provides airlines with valuable market, performance and customer insights, which can also be fed into the Amadeus Personalisation system, to provide a premium journey experience. Schedules Amadeus Operational Flight Information. Make this page my default Amadeus page. Amadeus helps you connect to the travel ecosystem where all your partners can come together to do business.

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If you are interested in potentially working at an airport or working for an airline, this course is the perfect way to test the waters and jumpstart your career. Course 1, System Basics Course 2 Check In Course 3 Seating Course 4 Passenger Data Course 5 Passenger Updates This course teaches the basics of the Amadeus Altea DCS System and the various features and applications that it offers for passenger and baggage ground handling services by airline agents at an airport.

Students learn how to sign into the Altea DCS System, navigate between the main DCS applications, and check and publish messages to other airport-based airline agents. Hands-on work is performed on a real-world DCS system simulator that is exactly like the real thing, providing valuable hands-on experience while you learn.

Subjects Covered This course teaches how to use the Amadeus Altea DCS System to check-in passengers and their baggage at an airline counter at the airport. Students learn how to handle a wide variety of different passenger ground handling procedures and situations including single party and multi-party travel, with and without baggage, and even group travel.

Work through the entire check-in process, including retrieving the reservation, making any necessary updates, advanced check-in options, and finalizing the process resulting in boarding passes and baggage tags getting printed out. Hands-on work is performed on a DCS system simulator that is exactly like the real thing, providing valuable hands-on experience while you learn.

By the end of the course, students will have worked through a wide variety of different check-in scenarios that are just like what they will encounter at an actual airport, providing real-world skills and a fun and engaging learning experience.

Students learn about the various options for allocating seats and how to select and allocate specific seats for departing passengers. They learn how to modify seat assignments as needed to accommodate flight and passenger changes including regrades. Hands-on work is performed on a DCS system simulator featuring graphical customer and neutral seatmaps which are exactly like those found on the live DCS system.

It also teaches how to work with Customer Links and History displays, and how to directly access the GDS system from the DCS in order to verify bookings and other flight-related travel data.


Altéa Suite

Incomparable Travel Industry Training Training content is delivered to your screen from a software system purpose-built for travel industry training. We use interactivity, simulation, and scenario-based instruction to immerse you in a real-world learning environment where you can gain knowledge and hands-on experience that can be directly applied to an employment opportunity in the travel industry. Nowhere else will you find a training system of the same quality, depth, and sophistication. Unparalleled Simulation The online courses available here are based upon our highly-realistic workplace emulation software unique to us and continuously refined for over 30 years. For example, if you choose an Amadeus training course, your instruction will take place around an Amadeus emulator where you can make practice reservations and issue electronic tickets. No competing company can offer this. Quick and easy sign up Enter some basic information and pay by credit card.


Amadeus - The Altéa Departure Control System

Fenrikus Airlines 1A Change Location. Serve Serve travellers in a more personalised way resulting in an enhanced experience through all channels. Proactive management proactive onload and re-grade, Voluntary Denied Boarding VDB offers, and offers for earlier flights to solve as many issues as possible, as early as possible. Automated application of airline baggage policies and easy collection of baggage fees. Manage the customers of all the airlines you handle within the same application.


Amadeus Altéa Departure Control for Ground Handlers – Customer Management

You can use it to facilitate agent activities for increased productivity and to optimise every opportunity for revenue generation, while also ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction at the airport. This complete, cutting edge solution helps you enhance the passenger experience through differentiated customer service. It enables you to handle more and more passengers and seamlessly connect them with more and more flights — while still operating in the same space, managing increasing security constraints. Increased revenue Ensure collection of excess baggage charges; Make any seats released at the airport immediately available for re-sale thanks to real-time integration with inventory and reservation systems; Some implemented airlines have seen their revenues increase by up to 0. Increased customer satisfaction Offer faster and simpler check-in; Apply customer preferences for seating consistently; Enable effective service recovery actions; Provide consistent given priority to high-value customers; Increase revenue from repeat customers.


Amadeus Altéa Departure Control - Flight management


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