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The Amptec boiler is suitable for operation in sealed or open vented systems. It is also suitable for schemes such as heating only, W plan, S plan, zone heating, under floor heating, micro-bore via a manifold, etc. If you are unsure about your application regarding suitability of the boiler please do not hesitate to contact your local supplier or Heatrae Sadia specification team on Do not fit thermostatic radiator valves to the room with the control thermostat, other rooms may be fitted with thermostatic radiator valves.

PUMP 4. Page Installation - Electrical Requirements 6. The AMPTEC boiler must be installed by a qualified competent tradesman in accordance with supplied instructions and drawings to ensure correct operation. Page 11 Connections for 2 or more boilers.

Connect each boiler to its supply live, neutral, and earth, as described on p. The supplies to each boiler can be on different phases if using a 3-phase supply.

Page 16 7. Part J for Scotland. New Dwelling 1. The installation must be a fully pumped system. Independent temperature and time controls for both heating and domestic hot water. Page 17 8. Only after the system has been flushed through and then filled with water inhibitor and set to the correct pressure sealed systems , can the electrical supply be switched on. Check 1. Page 18 5. The pump is operated from the boiler control. It should be connected to the pump terminals on the boiler control board.

The pump will run whenever the CALL indicator is illuminated green either flashing or steady, and it will also continue to run for 1 minute after the demand has ceased. A bypass must be incorporated in systems where the heating load can shut down, i.

The gradual build up in heating power of the boiler can be seen on the front panel. Page 21 Before any maintenance is carried out on the system, ensure that the electrical supply has been disconnected first.

Care must be taken as the water may be scalding hot and at high pressure. Maintenance on the boiler can only be carried out by a qualified and competent tradesman in accordance with supplied instructions. Page Fault Finding 3 port valves. The capacitor required is 0. These capacitors are available from Heatrae Sadia part number 95 Capacitor 4. Page 28 Note, this is only required if there is doubt with regard to supply limitations and an electric shower that heats the water at the same time as the Amptec boiler is used.

It is not required with power showers which only pump the water.


Amptec Boiler Manuals

The earliest delivery date may vary based on your postcode. The Heatrae Amptec Electric Flow Boiler is ideal for rural areas, new housing projects, multi-floor dwellings, or properties with no mains gas supply. Heatrae Amptec Electric Flow Boilers offer the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and hot water supply, wherever there is mains electricity. The boilers can be installed to provide central heating and domestic hot water in conjunction with an indirect hot water storage cylinder or if preferred, to provide heating only with domestic hot water being supplied by a direct hot water storage cylinder. Amptec Electric Flow boilers are sized to efficiently meet a wide range of differing needs, from a mobile home up to a family house and includes an 11kW unit designed to match the rating of existing domestic electrical power supplies. In rented property, gas applications must have annual maintenance checks by law. The Heatrae Sadia Amptec electric flow boiler offers an alternative for heating and hot water, combining safety with low running costs.


Heatrae Sadia Amptec Electric Flow Boilers


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