Basso is a musician and an engineer. Citations of some of his publications are at the end of this interview. Ernesto: Hello Professor Gustavo Basso, it is a great pleasure to interview you. Professor Gustavo Basso: Hi Ernesto, nice to talk with you.

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T he drastic alterations on the wake-sleep cycle associated with indus- polysomnogram was normal in five subjects Myoclonus with substances embrace a diversity of functions in humans, such as motor activity insomnia was observed in eleven subjects the capacity to attend to, and respond with readiness, to the A 31 years environmental stimulus; besides it affects the capacity to estimate old subject with an addiction record of 19 years, and time.

T he nature of these dysfunctions in not known with another subject, a 19 years old woman, had been both precision, but by means of visual and computerized analysis of inhaling solvents and consuming drugs f or over year, the cerebral electrical activity in humans, either spontaneous or including cocaine. B oth presented repeated spike with a provoked, it allows to obtain a better characterization of this frequency of three per second, and wave shape discharges.

It offers also an alternative approach that explains An increase in total time of wake and delta sleep was observed the mechanisms underlying the psychotropic nature of the volatile in addict subjects, as well as a significant decrease of slow wave organic compounds. This combination of substances which can sleep II and rapid eye movement sleep. Recent evidence that could add some in the evolution time by the spectral 3D graphic which has the technological and scientific advances regarding quite well capacity to evaluate non stationary rhythms, like sleep spindles at controlled studies, to assess the psychotropic effects of volatile Hz.

Toluene induced electrographic and behavioral The average reaction time RT in the addicts group was of changes that were similar to the absence seizures, and benzene Often, in humans T he different features characteristic of the E E G and the the effects of inhalation last for several hours.

A slowness of the E E G and the effects that the inhalation of industrial volatile organic the presence of spikes in the temporal lobe were observed, compounds have upon the electroencephalogram E E G of the insomnia, hipermotility and an increase in the latency of reaction human being evaluated polisomnographicaly and during the time were noticed in the behavior.

The epileptiform activity substances. Insomnia is due to the deficiency in the night in a group of 24 young addicts, five women and 19 serotoninergic transmission of the preoptic area. And men, with an average age of Nine of them were hipermotility and the increase in the response time are due to a younger than 18 years. Tel ext Fax: E -mail: adrianmc imp. Aceptado: 18 de julio del Las alteraciones del E E G se deben a un aumento de los cidad para estimar el tiempo.

El uso de centro contra las adicciones. E l polisomnograma fue A pesar de los pocos conocimientos existentes res- normal en cinco sujetos Se ha informado que hay no ha sido virtualmente nula. Al mismo tiempo, se intervalo de edad de los sujetos, sexo, nivel socioeco- Salud Mental, Vol.

El grupo control lo formaron 24 sujetos sanos, cuatro mujeres y 20 hombres, con una edad promedio de A paratos. Los registros fase y una intensa inquietud motora. En el cuadro 1 se muestran las alteraciones en cada uno de los grupos.

Se incluyen las sustancias dos de los polisomnogramas, en cada uno de los sujetos. Las fechas representan las ocurrencias de crisis. Salud Mental, Vol. Registro parecido a la norma pero con insomnio al inicio de la noche. C3, C4, O1, O2 y A1 derivaciones siguiendo el sistema internacional de registro Figura 3.

Abreviaturas como en la figura 2. Esta figura mues- Fig. En 11 sujetos En dos sujetos 8. Las alteraciones 4. Nuestros resultados coinciden con los estudios 1.

E n: parcial e hipermotilidad asociado, con bajas concen- Contreras CM ed. A cta Pharmac et T ox icol , , Tox icology, , E n: Itil T M, ed. E n este trabajo se muestran los diferentes rasgos Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry, V ol.

A m J Ind Med, , N Y J Med, , A nesthesio- sleepiness states by means of a psychophysiological logy, , Salud Men- workers. A study of cases. J N eurol N eurosurg tal, , Psychiat, , J A m Med A ssoc, , human psychopharmacology. F requency spectra and Med E x p, , Psychophysiological functions. Work -E nvironm-H lth, Characteristics and predictors. A m J A ddict, , , Monogr Ser, , J N eurosci, degeneration. A m J Psychiat, , Pergamon Press, Modern disolventes industriales en gatos.

Psychotropic ed. S K arger, , Nueva les. York, A nesthesiology, , E lectroencephalogr C lin Dis N erv Syst, , E n: Contreras without surgical operation on mental functions of nor- C M ed. E lectroencephalogr C lin observations with trichloroethylene and nitrous oxide N europhysiol , , J Dallas Med, , Modern inhaladores.

E n: Contreras CM ed. Psychotropic luntaria de D isolventes I ndustriales. Pediatric, , animals. N europsychobiology, , N ew E ngl J Med, , N euroreport , G lue sniffing neuropathy. A rch N eurol, , Psychiat Quart, , Pharmak opsychiat, , Michigan Med, , N ew E ng J Med, , M: Role of the lateral preoptic area in sleep-related J lacquer thinner induced neuropathy.

A nn Clin L ab Sci, N eurosci, , Modern Problems of B y cols. Psychotropic D rugs and butyl ketone. Science, , S K arger, , Nueva York, E ur Modern Problems of Pharmacopsychiatry, V ol. J Med Res, , S K arger, Behav Biol, , J N eurol Sci , E n: Contreras J N eurosci, ,


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