In , he moved to Havana to enroll in the School of Planification and, later, in the Faculty of Letters at the Universidad de La Habana , where he studied philosophy and literature without completing a degree. His writings and openly gay life were, by , bringing him into conflict with the communist government. From to he was a journalist and editor for the literary magazine La Gaceta de Cuba. In , he was sent to prison after being charged and convicted of "ideological deviation" and for publishing abroad without official consent.

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Nazragore It is a story that reminds me more of the Inferno of Dante which I recently read than life on earth, even recognizing that we do not live in a paradise. Adesso sta a voi leggerlo.

His writings and openly gay lifestyle were, bybringing him into conflict with the Communist government. And Marquez is not a patch on Borges. My antew of hero. Try to understand that he may be talking about a little more than the muttering schizophrenic haunting his dilapidated apartment complex before he moved out of Cuba: Inizia a lavorare in biblioteca ed a riunirsi con altri poeti e scrittori clandestinamente. While well written and compelling, the blunt descriptions of the things he saw and experienced are vivid and have genuine emotional impact.

Want to Read saving…. Le mareggiate invernali, sedersi di fronte al mare, camminare da casa mia fino alla spiaggia a vedere il tramonto. Open Preview See a Problem? A Revolutionary Life 4 stars.

OMG this man writes beautiful and has an incredible flow with his storytelling especially since English is not his 1st native language but he could had cut out about pages and be done with it.

Truth is, gay or straight, those boys were ready to pounce on just about anything that moves. It was to be his only book published in arenax native country. People Reinaldo ArenasReinaldo Arenas Reinaldk though we learn of the horrors about Cuba, he plays homage to those who successfully escaped the island and to his friends and family rienaldo unfortunately died in Cuba in its disparity.

However, I was surprised to find that that book was well-written and his thoughts were organized and his plot was engaging. It seems that all good things come to an end, but that is no reason to dismiss everything that exists in between. It showed a world unknown to me, the lives of homosexuals under a dictatorship. If he wanted to used the bathroom he had a hole to use which always got feces stuck to his feet and constantly had to smell the foul odor of his other inmates and himself.

Finally the final reason that I did not enjoy as much as I did was because this book is not meant for public consumption.

She fell in love with this man who clearly deceived her and being totally oblivious she had one night of passionate sex and 9 months later gave birth to a child. Perhaps this was not for me, but it does have merits in writing style and the crystal clear view into the oppression of literature and homosexuality in Cuba.

Antes que anochezca Open Library As Reinaldo was growing up, he gets into military school to become an agricultural accountant but clearly has something else on his mind and pursues writing poetry. It is important reinaaldo everyone to learn about his anochezfa, a story that thousands of Cubans have lived through but this book was dedicated more for his friends and family that knew him.

Es un libro que nunca estuvo en mi lista de pendientes, y me alegro arenad de haberlo incorporado casi sorpresivamente. But his books, once assigned reading at many major Universities, are pulled from the syllabus when he resumes denouncing Castro publicly: There are crazy things in this world that happen and we as Americans, in this day and age, have been fortunate to avoid. Most 10 Related.


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