Dec 11, Brian rated it really liked it In this book we have a survey of all art periods, beginning with cavemen and ending in the 20th century. The book covers the periods in details, with the Renaissance on receiving special treatment in the form of individualized artist pages. The book is one that is probably not meant to be read cover to cover but it is a well designed book, Dec 11, Maxwell Reber rated it it was amazing Art A World History is a great, and informational book about the different and many time periods of art in the world. The book covers a vast amount of art periods in time, and describes the motive, and thought process of a lot of famous artists, and I think my favorite era of art is 20th century art, especially Picasso and Salvador Dali. Picasso loved distorting the figure, which showed how complex his mind and creativity was towards his work.

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To complete the course, you must complete each of the assignments as described in the course and submit them to your instructor by the assigned deadline. In addition, you must participate in the course discussion forum by responding to all instructor requests and by interacting with fellow classmates as necessary.

Points are deducted for late work. General Assessment Criteria for All Writing Assignments All writing assignments are expected to conform to basic college-level standards of mechanics and presentation. Consider visiting the Writing Center to discuss your assignments for this course or any others.

You may schedule appointments 30 or 50 minutes on an as—needed or weekly basis, scheduling up to 3 hours worth of appointments per week. Online services include Feedback—by—Email and IM conferencing with or without a webcam. All writing center services are free. Writing Center tutors are specially selected and trained graduate and undergraduate students who can help you at almost any stage of your writing.

They will not do your work for you, but they can help you focus and develop your ideas, review your drafts, and polish your writing. They can answer questions about grammar, mechanics, different kinds of writing styles, and documentation formats.

Online Discussion Discussion Forums Discussion Forums are an important component of your online experience. This course contains discussion forums related to the topics you are studying each week. Please feel free to answer any question if you feel you know the answer; this sharing of information is valuable to other students.

The Golden Rule Policy The Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" often is forgotten in the information overload in our daily lives. Remember that postings in online courses are not anonymous; let us be reminded of the Golden Rule in this class, and that every person should make a diligent effort to observe courtesies to each other and to the instructor. So please do not make demands of others, send angry remarks to other students or the instructor, and do observe common courtesies, such as the expression of appreciation for requests and feedback, to each other and to the instructor.

You are required to log in to your course at least four times a week so that you can participate in the ongoing course discussions. Online courses are no less time consuming than "face to face" courses.

You will have to dedicate some time every day or at least every second day to your studies. A typical four credit hour "face to face" course at SNL involves three hours of classroom meeting per week, plus at least three to six hours of study and homework per week.

This course will require at least the same time commitment, but your learning activities will be spread out through the week. If you have any problems with your technology, or if you need to improve your reading or writing skills, it may take even longer. The instructor should be notified if your life events do not allow you to participate in the course and the online discussions for more than one week.

This is particularly important when there are group discussions or you are working as part of a team. If you find yourself getting behind, please contact the instructor immediately.

It is not their responsibility to make sure you log in regularly and submit your assignments. You will receive feedback to assignments. Depending on the instructor, this response may be by e-mail, instant messenger or telephone. Otherwise, you will generally receive a response to emailed or posted queries within 48 hours.

Back to Top Your Role as a Student As an online student, you will be taking a proactive approach to your learning. You will be managing your own time so that you can complete the readings, activities and assignments for the course, and you will also be expected to take a more active role in peer learning.

More information about SNL can be found here. Back to Top Course Netiquette Online discussions are an important part of your course experience. To ensure a positive learning environment, please follow the following minimum expectations.

Be sensitive to cultural differences Avoid hostile, curt or sarcastic comments No objectionable, sexist, or racist language will be tolerated Create a positive online community by offering assistance and support to other participants.

Use correct grammar and syntax Policies Academic Integrity DePaul University is a learning community that fosters the pursuit of knowledge and the transmission of ideas within a context that emphasizes a sense of responsibility for oneself, for others and for society at large. Conduct that is punishable under the Academic Integrity Policy could result in additional disciplinary actions by other university officials and possible civil or criminal prosecution.

Please refer to your Student Handbook for further details. Copying of any source in whole or part with only minor changes in wording or syntax, even with acknowledgement. This includes research papers purchased from any other person or agency. Plagiarism, like other forms of academic dishonesty, is always a serious matter. Back to Top DePaul University Incomplete Policy The intent of the Incomplete grade is to allow students extra time to complete their final assignments.

This need arises because, in the closing weeks of the course, they have an event of significant magnitude that adversely affects their ability to complete the course, e. You must request an incomplete grade in writing two weeks before the end of the quarter. Incomplete grades will be considered only after you have satisfactorily completed at least 75 percent of the coursework, and you have such an unexpected, uncontrollable event that prevents you from completing your course.

Do not assume that you will qualify for an incomplete. Students who are failing the course at the point where they request an incomplete will not receive one, nor will they be granted after the end of the quarter. Incomplete grades are given at the discretion of the instructor. If you do receive permission from the instructor to take an incomplete in the course, you will be required to complete a contract with the instructor, specifying how you will finish the missing work within the next two quarters excluding summer.

See the Incomplete Grade Contract Form. Undergraduate and graduate students will have up to two quarters to complete an incomplete. At the end of the second quarter excluding summer following the term in which the incomplete grade was assigned, remaining incompletes will automatically convert to "F" grades. Ordinarily no incomplete grade may be completed after the grace period has expired. Instructors may not change incomplete grades after the end of the grace period without the permission of a college-based Exceptions Committee.

This policy applies to undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. NOTE: In the case of a student who has applied for graduation and who has been approved for an Incomplete in his or her final term, the incomplete must be resolved within the four-week grace period before final degree certification.

In these cases a Pass is awarded when competence is demonstrated at a level that would otherwise earn a grade of C- or higher. These classes may not be taken for a letter grade assessment.

Therefore, work that might otherwise be assessed at grades A through C- will earn a Pass in these classes. In these instances SNL offers undergraduate students the opportunity to request a letter grade assessment from their instructor. Students who need a letter grade for tuition reimbursement may wish to consider this option, as well as those who wish to raise their GPA.

For courses that meet fewer than ten weeks of the quarter, this request must be made by the beginning of the third week of the course. The grading basis may not be changed after these deadlines, with no exceptions. This is best done early in the term and the conversation will remain confidential. Absence Notifications to faculty, Late Withdrawals, and Community Resource Referrals, support students both in and outside of the classroom. Additionally we have resources and programs to support health and wellness, violence prevention, substance abuse and drug prevention, and LGBTQ student services.

We are committed to your success as a DePaul student. Please feel free to contact us. As such, these activities qualify as "research" with "human subjects" and are subject to University and Federal guidelines. If there is any possibility that you will EVER use it in further research or for publication, you must obtain approval from the Local Review Board before you begin.

The privacy and confidentiality of those that you interview or observe must be protected. Unless you receive specific permission, in writing, from the person s you interview or observe, please change their names, and make sure that their identity cannot be readily ascertained from the information you provide.

If you want to use real names and relationships, they must sign an "informed consent" document. Back to Top Credits This course was designed and produced by Dr. Printed in the USA.


Creating Original Digital Art



Art : A World History



Art: A World History


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