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This standard is not included in any packages. It has a population of approximatelypeople. Need more than one copy? You can download and open this file to your own computer but DRM prevents opening this file on another computer, including a networked server. As the pipes were exposed to open cut embankment conditions as well as additional loads due to large offset embankments; ASCE Type 1 and 2 Standard Installation Direct Design SIDD installations were utilized to develop enough soil structure to reduce the bending moment forces and shear in the invert area of the pipe to within acceptable levels.

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When buried, concrete pipe is part of a composite system comprised of the pipe and the surrounding soil envelope, which interact and contribute to the strength and structural behavior of the system. SIDD is a design and analysis method that accounts for the interaction between the pipe and soil envelope in determining loads, pressure distributions, moment, thrust and shear in the pipe, and includes a procedure for calculating the required reinforcement.

The design procedures given in this standard practice are intended for use by engineers who are familiar with the installation and pipe characteristics that affect the structural behavior of buried concrete pipe installations and the significance of the installation requirements associated with each Standard Installation type.

Before applying the design procedures given in Part II, the engineer should review the guidance and requirements given in other sections of this standard practice and its accompanying commentary. The values of dimensions and quantities are expressed in inch-pound English units, which are to be regarded as standard. English unit values are converted to SI unit values, which are presented in parentheses or a section following the English units.

For clarity, Appendix B repeats the notation and contains the full translation of equations to SI units. SI units expressed in parentheses and in Appendix B are supplied for information only and are not a part of this standard practice. Note 1: Some of the applicable standards referenced may have a double designation AxxdAxxxM or separate inch-pound English and SI metric unit editions.

Only the inch-pound unit edition of a standard is listed in this practice. If the practice is used in an SI unit design, the user should investigate whether separate SI unit editions of the referenced standards are available.


ASCE 15-98 PDF



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ASCE 15-98


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