You must be running a recent as of September version of a Mozilla or Chromium based web browser. How to Install Endian Firewall 3. How to Install Cyborg Hawk 1. How to Install Bodhi Linux 3.

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Reload the extensions list page to see your newly created extension in the list. Repeat the process for each extension you would like to add.

Here you can see a table showing extensions and whether various settings are enabled. You can click the pencil icon to edit, or the trash can icon to delete. Please see our Extensions Module wiki for more information. EndPoint Manager helps you quickly and easily configure a phone. These instructions will walk you through basic configuration, including setting an IP address, creating a phone template, setting up a line key, mapping the phone to an extension, installing firmware, and applying phone config files.

Keep in mind that you will always have to download a new config file to the phone in order to see any of your changes. Click on the brand of your phone. You will be taken to a page where you can begin creating a new template. Select the Time Zone for the phone. Do not adjust for daylight savings time; use the standard time number. This can be name only, extension only, or name and extension.

Note: you will need to install firmware by following the instructions given later in this wiki. Check your Provision Server Address. The page should reload and you should see a list of available phones. This example shows Digium phones. Your list may vary. We are working with the D70 in our example. In the Line Keys section, select Type: Line. The Label and Value fields will disappear. Select Account: Account 1. Click the Save Model button on the left side of the page when finished.

Click the Add Extension button. New drop-down menus and fields will be shown. The MAC address is typically found on a label on the back of the phone. Your newly mapped extension should show up with a green background.

Click the phone brand. We are using Digium in our example. You should now see a list of Available Firmwares. Drag the latest firmware to Firmware Slot 1. The page will reload. Wait a few seconds, then reload the page.

Confirm form submission if prompted. You should see a green message confirming the firmware has been installed. Setup may vary between phone models. Please see our End Point Manager wiki for more information. When you set up SIPStation trunks, a few basic inbound and outbound routes are automatically set up for you.

We will discuss inbound and outbound routes later.


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Функционирование Asterisk основано на протоколах, которые обеспечивают передачу голоса через сети основанных на IP протоколе VOIP и, благодаря этому, данная АТС может работать практически с любым оборудованием для IP-телефонии, которые используют стандартные протоколы для VOIP, при этом используя относительно недорогое аппаратное обеспечение. Asterisk предоставляет функции голосовой почты Voicemail , конференций, интерактивного голосового меню IVR , центра обработки вызовов и их обработки Call Queuing. Он также имеет поддержку таких сервисов, как перевод вызовов другому абоненту, сервис определения и передачи вызываемому абоненту номера вызывающего абонента callerID , протоколы ADSI, SIP , H. В разделе Возможности Вы можете найти более полный список функций, которые может выполнять Asterisk. Digium производит одинарные и счетверенные T1 и E1 интерфейсные платы для коммуникаций с каналами PRI и channel banks.





Configuring a Phone Using EndPoint Manager (EPM)


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