Lime putty made with Type N hydrated lime must be soaked for at least 16 h prior to use. As specified in Schedule IIIappended hereto and made an integral part hereof. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. Prices stated on a per-ton 2, lbs. Mix the combined portions to ensure that a good mixture has been achieved. Quantity And Quality Requirements: It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.

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A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. It is theresponsibility of the user of this standard to establish appro-priate safety and health practices and determine the applica-bility of regulatory limitations prior to use. Specific precau-tionary statements are given in Section Referenced Documents2. Summary of Test Method4. Thesecondary X rays produced are dispersed by means of crystals,and the intensities are measured by suitable detectors atselected wavelengths.

Data are collected based on the timerequired to reach a fixed number of counts, total count for afixed time, or integration of voltage for a fixed time. Concen-trations of the elements are determined by relating the mea-sured radiation of unknown specimens to analytical curvesprepared from reference materials of known composition. Significance and Use5. It providesrapid, multi-element determinations with sufficient accuracy toensure product quality and minimize production delays.

Theanalytical performance data included may be used as a bench-mark to determine whether similar X-ray spectrometers pro-vide equivalent precision and accuracy, or whether the perfor-mance of a particular X-ray spectrometer has changed.

Current edition approved Dec. Published December Originallyapproved in Last previous edition approved in as C — 99 DOI: United States One way to compensate for these effectsis to prepare a series of calibration curves to cover thedesignated concentration ranges.

The composition of the speci-men being analyzed must match closely the composition of thereference materials used to prepare the calibration curve.

Mathematical corrections, derived from empirical relationshipsor fundamental parameter calculations, may be used alterna-tively. Any of these are acceptable, providing that the analyticalaccuracy required by this test method is achieved.

The analyst must be aware of allpossible interferences and matrix effects of this element. For example, stainless steel will impart iron,chrome, and nickel to the prepared sample. The press shall be equipped with amold assembly that provides a briquet compatible with theX-ray specimen holder.

The analyst shouldbe aware at all times of possible contamination from thepolishing media used for surfacing the disk 6. Thegenerator may be equipped with a line voltage regulator andcurrent stabilizer. Thechamber may contain a specimen spinner, and it must beequipped for vacuum operation. Acollimator is not necessary for curved crystal optics. The system shall consist of at least one vacuumpump, gage, and electrical controls to provide automaticpumpdown of the optical path and maintain a controlledpressure, usually 13 Pa or less.

The counts, count rate, or integrated voltages may bedisplayed on meters, recorders, digital counters, or voltmeters. The counts, count rates, or integrated voltages can also bepresented to a computer or programmable calculator forconversion to percent concentration.

Pulse height analyzersmay be required to provide more accurate measurements forsome measurements. Reagents and Materials8. As a general rule, the binder should not contain an element thatwill be determined. In addition, the sample to binder ratio mustbe present in the analytical sample as in the reference materialsthat were used to establish the calibration. The flux must be capable of dissolving ordispersing the analyzed elements in an homogeneous andreproducible fashion in the melt.

The prepared disks must thenbe suitable for presentation to the instrument. Reference Materials9. Refer to Test Meth-ods C25 for a current listing. The matrix material must match that of the testspecimen.

Safety Precautions It is also recommended that operating and main-tenance personnel follow the guidelines of safe operatingprocedures given in current handbooks and publications fromthe original equipment manufacturer, NIST, U. GovernmentPrinting Office, or similar handbooks on radiation safety. Periodic radiation surveys of the equipment for leaks andexcessive scattered radiation shall be made by a qualifiedperson using an ionization chamber detector to meet local,state, and federal radiation standards.

The personal film badgesurvey record, the radiation survey record, and an equipmentmaintenance record shall be available upon request. Preparation of Reference Materials and TestSpecimens Either briquetted powderor fused disk specimens may be used. Preparation of Apparatus Once established, control all instrumentparameters closely to ensure repeatable analyses.

Calibration and Standardization Average duplicateintensity measurements of each reference material, and estab-lish a calibration curve for each element in accordance withPractice E Establish the curve by a least squares ormultiple regression fit of the X-ray intensity measurementsversus the corresponding weight percent concentrations of theelement in the reference materials.

Drift is indicated bya change in counts that exceeds the normal variation of countsfor that element. Re-measure the reference materials toverify that acceptable analyses are obtained after the adjust-ments are made. Produce the secondary fluorescence using the equip-ment used in 7.

Either fixed countor fixed time modes may be used. A predetermined minimumcount rate is obtainable only after unacceptable long countingtimes for lime materials, with the exception of the major oxides Si, Fe, Al, Ca, and Mg. A minimum counting time of 60 s isacceptable.

Care must therefore be exercised in these cases. Alternatewavelengths without interference may be used. Otherwise,mathematical calculations must be used to correct for theinterferences.



Zucage Lime putty made with Type N hydrated lime must be soaked for at least 16 h prior to use. Any notice given under this Agreement shall be in writing and addressed to the other party at the address specified in this paragraph. The following test methods are followed by Bowser-Morner Testing Laboratory for sample analysis. Assay total Ca OH 2. The hydrated lime or quicklime products used to make lime putty shall conform to the following chemical composition requirements: It is very important to double bag each sample. The attached sheet explains the procedure that will be followed for all Aglime Council member plants.





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