Johannes Angelus, Esoptron Astrologikon. Astrological opticks. Wherein are represented the faces of every signe, with the images of each degree in the zodiack: thereby describing, 1. The nature and quality of every person, according to the degree ascending in the east at his nativity. The virtue and signification of every planet through the

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Insel Verlag Manuscript on parchment Cod. Probably originating in Regensburg ca. The various astronomical-astrological treatise, which are assembled here with high-quality illustrations allow for an inside view into this wondrous and interesting theme of the 15th century. The unique manuscript originated in Regensburg ca. The bibliophile jewel already found itself in the possession of Pope Gregory XV in the following century.

From there it came to the Biblioteca Palatina in Heidelberg. Coming into papal possession in turn after — Gregory XV — the manuscript returned to its former locale in Heidelberg, the Biblioteca Palatina, in Astrological Scholarship Cod. The famous Astrolabium Planum of Heidelberg combines various astronomical-astrological texts on pages, including an astrological hunting treatise, the geomancy of Johannes Hartlieb, and an astrological calendar.

Additionally, it provides various calendar information for the calculation of the correct date for bloodletting or the phases of the moon, for example. Human destiny can also be calculated with the help of the constellations! An Artistic Gem This text on astronomy and astrology with instructions on the use of the tables and aids presented was decorated in an impressively artistic manner in the Heidelberg manuscript. The altogether miniatures are a work of the Regensburg miniaturist Berthold Furtmeyr and his workshop.

The gorgeous miniatures, e. They lend the famous Astrolabium Planum of Heidelberg its unique and prominent position within the history of illumination! Quick Search.


'astrolabium Planum'

Image Astrolabium Planum, Cod. In the first face of Leo ascendeth a man riding on a Lion; it signifieth boldness, violence, cruelty, wickedness, lust and labours to be sustained. In the first face of Virgo ascendeth the figure of a good maide, and a man casting seeds; it signifieth getting of wealth, ordering of diet, plowing, sowing, and peopling; In the second face ascendeth a black man cloathed with a skin, and a man having a bush of hair, holding a bag; they signifie gain, scraping together of wealth and covetousness. In the third face ascendeth a white woman and deaf, or an old man leaning on a staff; the signification of this is to shew weakness, infirmity, loss of members, destruction of trees, and depopulation of lands.


Astrolabium Planum of Heidelberg



Astrolabium planum


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