First of all Via. Before i even heard about the Solano, the Via A chipset was the only decent chipset around, however its performance was hardly exceptional. It suffered from many AGP problems, and appalling memory speeds. Enter the Solano and Solano2, now known as the i and iE chipsets. After the huge farce with Rambus, Intel was producing an abundance of Mhz bus Pentium 3s, but nothing for the average user to run them on, apart from Via.

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Page 70 4 seconds will place the system in sleep mode. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. Floppy 3 Mode support will allow reading and writing of 1. Video card not found or video card. PC for future reference. Otherwise, the system may hang during startup.

Page 2 Product warranty or service will not be extended if: The power supply should turn off after Windows shuts down. Be sure that all switches are off in some systems, marked withand the power input voltage is set to comply with the standard used in your country VV or V.

It is highly recommended that you leave this setting on its default. Connect the power supply cord into the power supply located on the.

With these features implemented in the OS, PCs can be ready around the clock, yet satisfy all the energy saving standards. One long beep followed by.

Auto- matic Power Up will not work if the system is powered down by operating systems, such as Windows 98, which have ACPI support enabled. Page IDE devices integrate the drive control circuitry directly on the drive itself, elimi- nating the need for a separate adapter card in the case for SCSI devices.

Video for Windows is a well-accepted and well-tested standard. You must tell your retailer the correct DIMM type before purchasing.

The software registers cusl2-cc smart card for security capability and prompts you to click OK. Page cusl2c- Show Motherboard Information: After selecting this op- tion, all selections are saved and a confirmation is requested.

The default value indicates that the dis- played IRQ is not used. Thus, users do not have to worry about compatibility issues. The item heading in square brackets represents the default setting for that field. This is the memory of choice for best performance vs.

If the chassis intrusion lead is not used, a jumper cap must be placed over the pins to close the circuit. Clicking the icon will allow you to see the status of your PC. External SCSI devices starting with the last device on the chain c. Recheck your jumper settings and connections or call your retailer for assistance.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. To run a program, click Execute Program. Product warranty or service will not be extended if: ,anual window displays the help text for the cur- rently highlighted field. For ATX power supplies, you need to switch on the power supply as well as press the ATX power switch on the front of the case. Connect the power cord into a power outlet that is equipped with a surge. Make sure the total installed memory does not exceeds MB.

This option saves your selections without exiting the Setup program. No error during POST. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Select [Yes] to save any changes to the non-volatile RAM. Maual you have made changes to fields other than system date, system time, and password, the system will ask for con- firmation before exiting. Be sure that all switches are off in some systems, marked withand. TOP Related Articles.


Asus Motherboard manuals

It looks like a usual PCI, only of another design :. Another slight element of the design is usage of small stickers made of transparent plastic located near the connectors for mounting of a fan on a socket. It must protect the mainboard when installing or demounting a cooling device of the processor. One channel has an internal and external pin LVD connector, and the second features two internal ones - pins and pins. But since a special buffer chip is not used, then when not a LVD device i. On the right edge of the card one can find two LEDs that show the status of the first and the second channels of the SCSI controller and a standard connector for an external status indicator common for both channels. Unfortunately, it requires special tools to open.


Asus CUSL2-M User Manual






ASUS CUSL2-C - motherboard - ATX - Socket 370 - i815EP Series Specs


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