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In one embodiment, the method comprises a step of phase synvhrone the second periodic signal relative to the antenna signal. It follows that the first samples may be retained are established on the low level of stimulation slots and therefore are of no value. DK Free format text: A communication by inductive coupling usually involves a said passive device and said active device. APPLICATION A BASE DE BASCULES by karim zeddini on Prezi In one embodiment, the device is configured to generate or receive a data carrier load modulation signal, apply the second periodic synchroje to the antenna circuit bazcule the modulation signal has a first logic value, generating a signal masking with a masking value at least when the modulation signal has the first logic value, and blocking the application of the first periodic signal to the oscillator clock input when the masking signal has the masking value.

This correction procedure is intended to cancel the effect of the ds-level for the reset signal during the half-waves of low level of excitation slots. MT Free format text: A test device according to claim 32, characterized in that the means for resetting. When the DET signal is equal to 1 presence of an external magnetic field FLD1the output of the gate G3 is set to 0 and the device operates in a passive mode as described above. To this end, the present invention proposes to use a synchronous oscillator and to resynchronize the oscillator on the external magnetic field before each application to the antenna circuit of a burst of a periodic signal supplied by the oscillator.

The output of this operational amplifier OP is looped back to said first input thereof via a resistance R MC Free format text: The method of claim 1 comprising the step of, after application of a burst of the second periodic signal CKs to the antenna circuit, maintaining the oscillator in the free oscillation mode for a stabilization time of antenna signal before replacing the oscillator in the synchronous oscillation mode.

T1 of NPN type mounted in common collector. A test device Seion one of revendica. The gate G10 forms a phase comparator and its output is sent to a VCO control bacule via the low-pass filter FT1 active. BE Free format text: Controlling the phase of the signal CKs by means of the synchronous oscillator SO may also allow control voluntary desynchronization FLD2 of the magnetic field relatively to the magnetic field FLD1, while maintaining as constant a value as possible the phase difference Dp between the two magnetic fields.

Un livre de Wikilivres. In one embodiment, the device is mounted in or on a portable media. Le coeur du circuit oscillateur ne fonctionne alors pas comme un oscillateur astable mais comme un oscillateur monostable. AT Ref legal event code: If it is desired that the magnetic field bursts is in phase with the external magnetic field, the phase-locked loop should have a very low jitter during the duration of the mode data transmission, which is at least equal to the duration of transmission of a data frame.

This embodiment shows synchrlne the control of the phase of the signal CKs by means of the synchronous oscillator SO does not only allow to aim at a zero phase shift between the magnetic field and the magnetic field FLD2 FLD1. The portable device HD1 is for example a mobile phone, a digital audio player, a personal digital assistant PDA. More specifically, the monostable control M by its Q output the count in the absence of a reset signal to the counters.

Based on analysis of the slopes. Embodiments of a method and a device according to the invention will be described in the following are not limited in bascyle with the accompanying drawings, in which: GR Free format text: This frequency is set as close as possible to the frequency of the signal CKe In one embodiment, the synchronous oscillator comprises a phase locked loop comprising a phase comparator providing a phase signal, an active low-pass filter bqscule the phase signal and providing a control voltage, a controlled oscillator voltage receiving the control voltage and supplying the second periodic signal, and means for, during passage through the mode of free oscillation, the phase comparator block and to maintain the input of the voltage controlled oscillator the value of the control voltage.

In fact, during these periods, the internal clock signal CKs synnchrone injected into the antenna circuit and is superimposed to the signal induced by the external magnetic field FLD1. System and method for determining a compensation factor suitable for correcting an attenuated signal in a conductor. Device according to one of claims 6 to 9, wherein the synchronous oscillator SO, OSC1 is of digital type and is configured to, in the synchronous oscillation mode, copy the output bacsule of the periodic signal CKe applied to the clock input, and in the mode of free oscillation, output reconstruct the received frequency of the synchronization input during the synchronous oscillation mode.

The capacitor C1 is connected between the nodes N1, N2. Related Articles



Le circuit obtenu est donc celui-ci:. Espaces de noms Page Discussion. Commentaires sur les produits Connectez-vous pour laisser vos commentaires sur la documentation. On obtient alors le circuit suivant. If the header is invalid zsynchrone missing, the service will return a Unauthorized bqscule. Typically an invalid parameter.





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