This wrong impression has been created because of the undue emphasis placed earlier on a few scholarly works of the above type to the neglect of the vast treasury of classical literature in various other genres in which genuine lyrical and thoughtful poetry is quite abundant. As a matter of fact even in Sanskrit literature with its high reputation with poets like Kalidasa, Sanskrit poetry became more and more pedantic and artificial. As against such prejudice or hasty opinion, one has to remember that after Baudelaire, objective poetry has gained more attention and the lyric itself has acquired a new meaning. Even classical poets are re-evaluated and Horace is now considered as a lyrical poet. Whatever may be the judgement regarding Sanskrit literature, ably defended by A.

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Poem In Telugu font without treating them well, if a person tries to harm good men for the betterment of his own, it surely causes his own downfall; as it once brought the downfall of the ill-mannered Hiranyakasipu when he tried to cause harm to his fair-minded son, Prahladu, Oh Bhaskara!

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu, the Supreme God, on different occasions and in different periods of time, called Yuga in Hindu mythological terminology, had to descend onto earth in ten different forms, called Avatars, to save earth or the human beings living on it from the persons causing harm to their existence and well being. To understand the entire story, we have to go back to the beginning in time.

As per Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu, Almighty — the Supreme Being, created eight heads of all races who are called Prajapathis and one of these eight Prajapathis is Kasyapa prajapathi. He had two sons by name Hiranyakasyapa and Hiranyaksha. With this boon to their credit, they become all powerful and start causing unbearable miseries to the common people around them. As the miseries grew unbearable day by day, the pious beings who have access to approach Lord Vishu, the Supreme being, approach Him with folded hands and explain to him the miserable conditions prevailing on earth because of these two Rakshas Kings and request him to save them from the hardships.

Lord Vishu assures them to do what is required and sends them back. As per his word, Lord Vishnu, by taking the form of a Boar Varaha avatar saves the earth, which is thrown by Hiranyaksha into the deep seas, from the depth of the seas by placing the round earth on its long frontal teeth and in the process kills Hirnyaksha too.

This act of Lord Vishu angers Hiranyakasyap and he avouches to take revenge on Him for killing his brother Hiranyakasha. However, Lord Vishnu, again takes the form of a half-beast and half-human form as Hiranyakasyap had earned the boon of not to be killed either in the hands of a human or a beast and kills him.

Before doing this, Lord Vishnu, sends Prahlada — a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu — to be born as the son of Hiranyakasyap. The occurrence of his own son being a staunch devotee of his enemy, Lord Vishnu, confuses Hiranyakasyap to no end.

He tries his best in many ways, even by punishing him in the hardest ways possible, to convince Prahlada to relinquish his devotion towards Lord Vishnu but fails miserably.

Hiranyakasyap, however, hates these good words of Prahlad and in the emotionally surcharged atmosphere challenges him to show Lord Vishnu in the pillar of the hall where they were situated then, if He is really omnipresent. Like this: Like Loading


Bhaskara Satakam

The solution to this equation was traditionally attributed to William Brouncker in , though his method was more difficult than the chakravala method. This very equation was posed as a problem in by the French mathematician Pierre de Fermat , but its solution was unknown in Europe until the time of Euler in the 18th century. Traces of the general mean value theorem are also found in his works. Calculated the derivatives of trigonometric functions and formulae. See Calculus section below. In Siddhanta Shiromani, Bhaskara developed spherical trigonometry along with a number of other trigonometric results.

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Bhaskara Satakamu : Tika Tatparyasahitamu


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