Nomenclature[ edit ] Manuscript in Toba Batak language, central Sumatra, early s. The name of this language arises from a rich and complex history of ethnic identity in colonial and post-colonial Indonesia. It is a generic name for the common language used by the people of the districts of Toba, Uluan, Humbang, Habinsaran, Samosir, and Silindung, centered upon the Island of Sumatra ; more particularly, at Lake Toba. Linguistically and culturally these tribes of people are closely related.

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Batak Simalungun Menara na i Babel. Samasam hinan do hata i sab tanoh on anjaha sada do parsahapan. Bahasa daerah merupakan salah satu yang termasuk didalamnya. Sebagai bentuk penghargaan terhadap bahasa itu, maka sangat perlu dilakukan penelitian tentang apa saja unsur-unsur yang terkandung di dalamnya. Dalam kesempatan ini, penulis mengambil kesempatan untuk menganalisis sebuah bahasa daerah yaitu bahasa Batak Toba. Dimana status penulis sekaligus sebagai penutur asli bahasa Batak Toba telah memberikan kemudahan dalam melakukan penelitian.

Penelitian ini ialah tentang analisis beberapa proses fonologis Bahasa Batak Toba. Tujuannya adalah mendeskripsikan jenis-jenis proses fonologis yang terdapat dalam bahasa Batak Toba. Richard Sinaga sebagai data utama dan kosakata di luar dari kamus tersebut sebagai data sekunder.

Masalah yang dikaji fokus pada kosa kata bahasa Batak Toba yang ada di dalam kamus tersebut yaitu tentang pengklasifikasian kata berdasarkan jenis-jenis proses fonologis yang ada. Untuk menjawab masalah tersebut, penulis melakukan penelitian dengan metode penelitian deskriptif kualitatif. Dari hasil penelitian tersebut terdapat empat macam proses fonologis di dalam bahasa Batak Toba yaitu: assimilation, metathesis, addition dan reduction.

Introduction 1. Every subtribe has its own language. Because the writer comes from Batak Toba tribe, she chooses Batak Toba language to analyze. It makes her easier to analyse the data because of her deep knowledge about the language.

Recently, many Bataknese speak the form of words as the same way as they write it. Otherwise, between the spoken words and the written words are different. For this case, the writer has asked her friend to write a word gonghon an invitation. This case leads the writer to research about her own language especially in phonology since she also realises that she is not really a good native speaker of Batak Toba language.

There are many kinds of phonological process. Nevertheles, the phonological process will be analysed with focus on assimilation, metathesis, sound addition, reduction. Background music free. Second, she would describe and explain it qualitatively. Ramelan said that phonology is the study of phones on speech sounds patterns in a language. It is different from phonetics which focuses its study on the description of speech sounds, phonology deals with how the speech sounds form.

Phonology explains how to identify the sounds which can distinguish meaning in a certain language and those which cannot. When we pronounce a word, the sounds that we use in the pronunciation are called phones or phonetic units. Game ultraman fighting evolution 3 untuk pcpartpicker. Fight monster and battle other ultraman and unleash your maximum energy to defeat your enemies Cover Art How to? Select and Battle as Ultraman identical to TV series. Muslich on his book mentioned some kinds of phonological process that is found as the result of this research.

They are assimilation, metathesis, sound addition and reduction. Introduction This chapter contains the background of the study, purpose of the study, underlying theory, and a brief explanation about the presentation of the paper.

Methodology It contains the types of the research, the data and the source of data, method of collecting data includes population and sample, research procedure, and tehnique of analyzing data.

Discussion This chapter consists of the data collected and the data analysis. It discusses phonological process of Batak Toba language that consists of assimilation, metathesis, epenthesis, vowel and consonant reduction. Conclusion The last chapter is the conclusion that presents the result of whole analysis.

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