Well, it turns out that basically they are. Bike Nashbar got started in , though at the time it was known as Bike Warehouse. His idea was to keep the costs of doing business as low as possible, and thereby keep the prices of goods lower than the competition. One way to keep the costs down was with his catalog.

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Tools Helmet Many cycling enthusiasts will buy a bike frame and then construct their dream bike by buying the parts they need and assembling it themselves. Get Measured Bicycles are not one size fits all or most.

The height of the rider is the main consideration for determining the size you should buy. These measurements refer to the height of the rider.

While you could visit a local bike shop to get measured, you can also do it at home. With your feet spread about shoulder width apart, make a light mark by placing a pencil lightly on your head and marking the wall. Then, you can measure from the mark to the floor to get your height. Inseam Measurements Inseams are difficult to do by yourself, so you should have a friend or family member help you.

The size of your inseam is the most important information to know when sizing a bike properly. While against the wall, place a book, spine up, between your legs, snuggly against your crotch like a bicycle seat. Then, have someone measure from the spine of the book to the floor to find out your inseam length.

The easiest way to get this measurement it is to use a cloth measuring tape and measure from your groin to the notch below your neck. While measuring your torso, measure your chest as well because you can use the measurement to buy a bike jersey. Arm Measurements Measuring your arm is also difficult to do on your own, so have someone do it for you. Hold an arm out perpendicular to your body and have someone measure from where the shoulder meets your arm to where the thumb meets the inside of your hand.

If you need riding gloves, also measure the width of your hand at its widest point. Pull the measuring tape snugly, but not too tight, to get an accurate measurement.

The result should be in inches, which will be the size of a pair of riding gloves. When you have all the measurements you need, know what your budget is and what type of bike you want, then you can go to the website by entering bikenashbar in a web browser to find the site and start shopping.

Bike Adjustments Once the bike is delivered, you will need to make four adjustments to it, so it fits your body correctly. These adjustments will be to the: Saddle height.


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