Fally Recommended Read Dear J. I saw rave reviews and was sure the book was Not For Me. I downloaded the sample and was absolutely hooked by the voice. I kept reading, worried that it would fall apart in the second half.

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Fally Recommended Read Dear J. I saw rave reviews and was sure the book was Not For Me. I downloaded the sample and was absolutely hooked by the voice. I kept reading, worried that it would fall apart in the second half. I kept reading, worried about how it would work its way to an HFN. It did. Bone Rider opens with a bang. The reader is immediately inside the head of System Six, a sentient armor being created by an alien civilization.

System Six survives but has to find another host, and his first opportunity turns out to be Riley Cooper, a something bartender on the run from a bad breakup. There are three main story arcs in Bone Rider the title refers to the bonding process between sentient armor and its host.

The first is the relationship between System Six, who adopts the name McLane in a very funny sequence, and Riley. This arc progresses from involuntary bonding through suspicious getting-to-know-you to understanding, friendship, and something more. It takes a while for these story lines to converge; for the first half of the book we see them separately and from multiple POVs. This means that readers have to be willing to read a lot of POVs without necessarily knowing exactly what is going on.

Readers also have to be interested in reading a novel that is not just about a romantic relationship. Is it Misha? Is it McLane? Plus, McLane is not a separate entity. I had no idea what was going to happen next through most of the book. And I did not care. I was so swept up by the voice and the way the story was unfolding and did I mention the voice? The thing was probably asexual or transsexual or whatever. Or it could change its sex.

Stop it, his passenger demanded, sounding thoroughly disgusted. Could you blame him? It was an alien. I am not a fan of books that read like screenplays, and yet I kept turning the pages, eagerly reading to see where this crazy plot was going to go. And I did. Every time. And these events occur only a little more than halfway through the book. At that point the Misha-Riley and McLane-Riley narratives stay together, while the military storyline eventually separates out again.

The romance between Riley and Misha both the broken one and the one that Misha fights to resume once they are together again is really, really good. I bought it completely despite the fact that I Do Not Like assassin heroes unless they are campy or fantasy characters in a fantasy setting. This is a fantasy setting, but Misha felt real. I think the reason his character worked for me was that the author never tried to make me like him and never minimized who he was. A man who murdered people for a living.

Misha was a liar and a killer. A very bad guy working for a very powerful crime syndicate and Riley had barged into the wrong room at the wrong time and become a witness. He understood why Riley had taken on overwhelming odds with an empty gun rather than call Misha. And yet, stupidly, it still hurt. Misha sighed and rubbed his face with both hands. He was a mess: tired, gritty, and headachy; hollowed-out with worry and apprehension. The movies always made love look so easy, differences and misunderstandings a minor glitch brushed off after a short, dramatic interlude that set the course for happily ever after.

What a crock of shit. And Riley conveyed the same attitude about his love for Misha. Riley is Everyday Guy as Hero, which is a difficult character to make really interesting, especially when everyone around him is so unusual, but the author manages it. Or throw up on them. They came to an abrupt stop then, perfectly balanced and ready to move.

No upchucking was happening, and neither did there seem to be blood. The military characters are a bit stock but we come to appreciate their perspectives. The scientist in charge of examining the alien remains is minority and female, and the author portrays her background without making her all about her race. The male general who leads the mission to capture McLane is someone to admire and respect, even when he screws up and jumps to conclusions. The Russian gangsters and the survivalists yes, there are survivalists are also well portrayed even when their roles are fairly brief.

Oh yeah, the sex scenes. I almost forgot. There are several of them, and they run the gamut from not-sexy on purpose to hilarious to arousing. I frequently skip sex scenes, but I read all of these. If I listed all the components of this novel, they would sound familiar: alien landings, body invasions, Russian mobsters, military on the rampage, road romance, explosions and massive fight scenes. Fally does next.


Bone Rider (Deutsch)

Go Back. Oh yes I said Aliens, sorry where you confused? I suppose you would be because I never read about aliens or sci-fi things. I mean, I have done a couple of times but you know its not really my thing and yet the alien was my favourite character! His actions lead to a crash landing on Earth which sets off an explosive chain of events involving a Cowboy, the Russian mob, a soldier, a scientist, a bunch of survivalist and an alien named after John McLane yup, the alien has a crush on Bruce Willis from Die Hard.

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