Contemporary Dramatists Buy this work. The boredom of the men on the door spills over into grotesque violence and fantasy. Male 3Female 1Neutral 0. All rights whatsoever in this play are strictly reserved and application for performance etc.

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Ten ely nine. No, Chery love I gst on my bloody nerves. She comes in ere. Dagonara Casino, ambiing? Got it fom Chelsea Gin Cesena Oh yeah. Where he? Right, Who want what? You Soung lds want proper bac. Totally ata. He does i he comes i here. Panay, h? Anything 08? No nanks Anything for the weekend? Las entere Vm here, you dreamers Kew Kev, ready forthe big nih.

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Jason Donovan uses his. Check Tale on genitas? Well Money? Double check. Phy al breathe onan ty and mel sea. Beer should drown tat. Ding ding, ares plese Bottocks, Get downtown to sa the pub crawl, When we gt tere is packed already. Four bags of bee Look ats on that 1 oudience Social comment, Four pists, pal. Got any pork sernchings? Packed inte? Bxeuse me, love 1 gave you a fiver Pat get. Four pints, four bags of bee, for bags of salted pean and four whaty aie Ghunbs Yeah! Look a a. Someta i bel Daft gt, 1s brand new.

Way How many Time for ve only had nie. Are we off? Dryou think we" actin? Hang on, Waar? Fat but cuddly. Btthdsy today Tall and sls ai al etme had Kd a Barbar ese erally sults you. Miya on under my dess. I bet You would fancy ho boy Ooh, hence hat oe. Vm not walking it in these shoes. Ralph, Cacny Enc joins the group. Lucky Erie. Yoh Biter. Packed Early rsh, then 1m 1 got basket meal fr nothing yesterday. And chips?

Tha chips are fattening? How come? Not bad hans es? Yeah twice a week. And you? Leave it Jed 1 could have you anytime The hing is den, ri. Era Ae fons tfiny cere ben preted tice hundred sed iy four pounds, esterday.

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Shut up and get your its out? Ls key Ram You? Raum No. Jesus Chest, ve spent thirty-five Bleeding gpg? Rupture my aauer 1 feel abi pewy. Tell hi to slow down Tell him to so. Scene itches bck the Bouncer a he i Look at he beeing mes. Animals 0 sings nonsense nto the mcrophone. A waste hey and around contemplating the mess tn 7 6 Ewe Joo Ewe Les Ene 00 Shall we get packed away and get the video on?





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