Bragar Time for a cup of coffee Posted October 30, at I would always add soda first. DO you think this would have a chance of success?? The films definately are ok, I tried them with normal developer. Many people suggested […]. Before i let him do this I want to know what Washing Soda is?

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Have a nice reading, and I recommend visiting his sites linked below. Thank you so much, Eirik. Like many others, when I started out with Caffenol I perused the net for tips on where to start. I concluded pretty early on that these 8tsp of this, a pinch of that, and a cup of other recipes, were not going to cut it for me.

In addition to reading everything on his blog, I joined a Caffenol group on Flickr, and a long ongoing thread on the Scandinavian APUG forum to discuss and share experiences. I like to be accurate in my work, but I am also lazy. So I soon tried out premixing Caffenol, instead of having to dissolve powders and mix them up for every development.

My approach was to dissolve the ingredients in larger quantities and store them in light and airtight bottles. Then mix them, one third each, when developing. For this to work, each solution had to be 3 times the prescribed strength. And it worked well. The ingredients did not go off as quickly as some had thought.

The coffee started to develop mold at weeks, and the ascorbic acid oxidized gradually to be useless after weeks. The soda kept forever, but was susceptible to crystalising in my storage space in the basement in cold weather.

Evidently this was due to the combination of higher concentration and low temperature. In warm weather the soda was stabile. The first time the soda crystalised, I was unaware of it. Some of the soda had formed a solid block at the bottom of the flask. I mixed as usual, and developed a roll of TMX.

And it came out gloriously! Caffenol is a compensating developer, and I had been accustomed to it helping me bring back highlights and draw out shadow detail, but this was something else. The compensating effect seemed enhanced, and the tonal gradation, definition and micro contrast was discernably better than I was used too.

I knew something was not quite as it should be. Having checked with said forums I was tipped that the soda may have something to do with it.

Having identified the culprit I went about testing levels of soda to approximate the serendipitous TMX roll. Technically this will result in a lower pH and a less active developer. Developing times may therefore need adjusting. I however found that this was not necessary.

But then again, I tend not to do push development. Of course, should you want to push, by all means, but then you may want to add a few minutes to the timing, as compared to most of my efforts that is. Like Reinhold, I like a definition to have a particular meaning. The name should refer to a specific recipe. I therefore set about naming the recipes. I wanted to coin mine much like Reinhold has his, and it felt only natural the names should reflect that they were indeed variations over his well-known Caffenol-C-M and H.

Same applies to C-H. But I found little reason to continue with it, introducing yet a variable. This variation gained the postfix RSA. I lay no claim to have invented anything, I know of several others who have come to similar conclusions by other means. Indeed, a couple of my co-authors of the Caffenol Cookbook have their own versions of lower pH Caffenol-C mixtures, which work in much the same way.

The TMX roll that started it all? Here are a few examples.


Sviluppare fotografie con il caffè: Caffenol

Film photography. I could have read it before, but I wanted to develope my own caffenols and then, at the end, compare my findings with those of other people. First of all, I liked very much the way the book is presented and all the contents. Congratulations to the authors. The Caffenol Cookbook includes contributions of 9 persons. After a short acknowledgments, a page with a beautiful phrase of Reinhold G. First we think it must be a joke but after the first successful developments, we all get the fever.






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