Bakasa Mar 10, Meagan rated it it was amazing. Open Preview See a Problem? Lists with This Book. The world would for sure be a better place for everyone. Having a terrible day? The praise and popularity of Calvin and Hobbes continue to escalate as the hottest comic strip around reaches its fifth birthday.

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Calvin tries to skip school as Spaceman Spiff but his mother catches him. Rosalyn babysits but she has to study for a science test. Calvin steals her notes, locks himself in the bathroom and threatens to flush them down the toilet unless she meets his demands. It keeps her at bay for some time, but she tricks Calvin out of the bathroom and sends him to bed.

February 27 - March Calvin collects coupons from his cereal boxes and sends away for a beanie hat that he believes will make him fly. When he gets it, it turns out that it has to be assembled. He then decides to just play with the box it came in. March 20 - April 7: At the bus stop, Calvin realizes that he forgot to do his bug collection assignment. He tries to wrap up the project right before school, but fails. She squeals on Calvin and he gets in trouble.

His last-minute collection gets a so-called D April Calvin gets the hiccups. Hobbes fails to help, but they eventually go away by themselves. However, he gets them back when Hobbes pounces him.

April 24 - May Calvin and his family go on a trip to a wedding and forget Hobbes. When they return, they find their house broken into. Calvin frantically searches for Hobbes, who it turns out he left in his room. Their TV had been stolen, along with some jewelry. The parents are heavily shaken by the robbery, and have trouble sleeping while discussing how it affected them, but initially Calvin is excited by the events.

May 15 - June Calvin and Hobbes decide to start a club, which they name G. Get Rid Of Slimy girlS. While they try to move the car out of the garage to make room for a club meeting spot, the car runs down a hill and crashes into a ditch. Terrifed about what his mother would think, Calvin runs off into the woods with Hobbes.

His mother tracks them down however, and it turns out the car was not damaged. He and Hobbes rush it by stuffing everything in the closet. This is likely the last time they ever went camping.

August 28 - September 2: Calvin partners with Hobbes in an attempt to build a robot to make his own bed. They fail, but cheer up when they learn that working on the robot actually kept them from making the bed.

September Calvin has a hard time going back to school. Calvin is unable to get the truck back, and grudgingly has to let Moe keep it. She sends Calvin to bed right away. However, Calvin tricks Rosalyn into going outside, and locks her out. Calvin and Hobbes stay up very late, but get in trouble when his parents come home. October Calvin transforms into Stupendous Man and uses the lens of an observatory telescope to fry his school. While changing back into Calvin he gets caught and his costume is confiscated.

October 27 - November 4: Calvin has to do a report on bats for school. Knowing very little about bats and lacking the will to research, he fails his report. He creates a ruckus that draws his mother , and when she sets him down his normal gravity resumes. However, as soon as his mother is out of sight, Calvin gets much larger, so large that he almost outgrows the galaxy.

However, an unexplained phenomenon sends him back to his room, normal-sized and unscathed. He then gets chastised by his mother for failing to do his homework. December Calvin has to be good for Santa Claus before Christmas. December Calvin starts a household paper. Calvin creates the Duplicator and makes a clone of himself. However, the duplicate makes more clones and Calvin has to hide them.

February Calvin throws snowballs at Susie. February Calvin turns into Tracer Bullet to solve a math problem in school. February Calvin works on his snow art. Calvin is naturally horrified and after having just been pounced on by Hobbes, and having to take a bath because of it. Calvin becomes Stupendous Man and attempts to attack Rosalyn, then tries fooling her by sneaking back into his room and taking off his costume. Rosalyn does not fall for it, and makes Calvin write a full confession to his parents for what he did.

April 16 - May 5: Calvin is bullied by Moe into signing up for the school baseball team. His father trains him, but he gets injured. On his first day he accidentally makes an out against his own team; his teammates threaten him and he quits. This story arc ends with the debut of Calvinball.

May Calvin , as Spaceman Spiff , ditches school. He is punished with extra homework, which he gets Hobbes to do. June-July Calvin gets the chicken pox. Although he has fun, he fakes otherwise just to try and prove his father wrong.

June 25 - July 7: Calvin goes back in time on a photo safari, where he comes across dinosaurs. However, Susie retaliates by kidnapping Hobbes. Calvin becomes furious as Susie refuses to give Hobbes back.

Calvin then decides to gives Susie her doll back along with 25 cents to get Hobbes. After getting some help from his father, he is confident enough to bet on a math quiz with Susie. Calvin daydreams and ends up doing only the first question and getting it wrong. The worst part is that Calvin has to pay Susie 25 cents since she got a perfect score, but "cheats" her by giving her three dimes.

October Calvin wears a false face on the back of his head to avoid getting pounced on. October 31 - November 3: Calvin is outraged by how his teacher objects to his drawings of dinosaurs. November Calvin works on a school project, a diorama of a desert landscape.

December January December Calvin has to be good for Santa so he hires Hobbes as his lawyer and heads to the north pole. However, on the way he has to resist snowballing Susie. He manages to suppress the urge, but lies to his mother about what happened, invalidating his efforts to be good.

Calvin performs a ritual to bring a snowman to life, and the snowman turns out to be evil. Calvin and Hobbes try to snowball him, but it fails. The snowman packs more snow onto him, turning himself into a " Snow Goon.

Calvin sneaks out at night and freezes the snowmen over using the garden hose. However, his parents are woken up Calvin makes so much noise while he works and he gets in trouble the next morning. Ultimately, Calvin decides that "snow goons are bad news. January Calvin insists that his spirit is unavailable even if his body is there. February February Calvin dresses up as Stupendous Man and drops a giant snowball on Susie, which results in him getting his costume taken away again.

This is the last appearance of Tracer Bullet in the comic. Calvin holds him back and they finally confront each other; however the clone vanishes due to the Moral Compromise Spectral Release Phantasmatron. April 22 - May 1: Calvin and Hobbes have a G. The anthem is sung at the end of meetings, but Hobbes starts singing it anyway.

The two members of G. Susie narcs to their mother who scolds the two, but Calvin and Hobbes are undettered. Note: Last arc before first sabbatical.


Revenge of the Babysat 2



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The Revenge of the Baby-Sat


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