Examples: "prints missing colors", "flashing power light", "setting the white balance" Search Search Our Knowledge Base There are no Recommended Downloads available. The limited warranty set forth below is given by Canon U. Canon warrants the Product and Canon-brand accessories designed for use with the Product to be free from defects in workmanship and material under normal use and service for a period of one-year after delivery only to the original purchaser "Purchaser" by Canon or its authorized dealer or reseller. During the relevant warranty period, Canon shall, in its sole discretion and without charge, repair or replace any defective part with a new or comparable rebuilt part or exchange the Product with a new or rebuilt Product. Warranty replacement shall not extend the warranty period of the defective Product. Further, this warranty shall not extend to consumable parts such as feed rollers, separation rollers, etc.

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This makes it easy for multiple users to use the hardware. The ScanFront p can send scanned documents to a network server or a specific team, you can also upload files directly to an FTP server. Sometimes a file may not reach the correct destination or may appear with strange defects, such as dark lines.

Canon offers a list of troubleshooting techniques in the user manual ScanFront p you can try before calling customer service. Instructions Basic Troubleshooting 1 Inspect ScanFront cables to make sure that everyone is connected. Examine the power cord and make sure it is plugged into a power outlet or surge protector, also verifies that the surge protector is plugged in and turned on, if applicable.

Check that the Ethernet cable has a proper connection at both ends. Raise the level of blockade and the entire panel to expose the rollers. Spray the rollers to clean air compressed. Purchase and install a roller replacement kit if cleaning the rollers can not stop paper jams. This will ensure that the date and time are printed correctly in scanned documents. The administrator can set certain restrictions, such as not allowing scanning directly from the home screen, which could result in apparent errors when performing certain functions.

Requests the Administrator to remove these restrictions, if necessary or you may check Copier Repair Pros. For example, if you are trying to send a scanned document but the recipient has not received it, make sure the email address has been entered into the scanner properly. The administrator may be updating the firmware of the scanner over the network, for example, which temporarily disables the device. This error may be due to trying to save the document in a shared location where you do not have the appropriate permissions Copier Repair Pros.


Canon ScanFront 220P



ScanFront 400


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