It seems that the words of Jesus took a while to have their full effect on Peter. Only when a great number of fish had been caught vv. However, Jesus has plans for these men, seeing the potential that Peter has. Forsaking all Peter left behind everything—his work, his wife unless she also followed Jesus and his home. All that must previously have meant so much to him was now gone.

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Sunday School Resources Welcome to the Christadelphian Studies Website We retired our old site and re-wrote the new website from the ground up, offering you a brand new user experience. A custom made search engine has been developed, making it a breeze to find and download all the latest studies. We hope you enjoy the new the site.

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Sunday School Resources Sunday School resources are now available for download, to help you teach your Sunday School students, and to teach our children how to Bible mark. The Library The small collection of studies we started out with probably numbered about We have now grown to over exhortations alone. The new site, which we have built from the ground up, allows you to search the entire audio library. We hope you enjoy using it. Watchman Magazine The Christadelphian Watchman Magazine is published bi-monthly, and is designed to provide pioneer based Biblical exposition and exhortation in these last days.

Email us if you would like a subscription! We plan to make them searchable and downloadable in pdf format. Watch this space! Who Are We? Tim Bailye and Simeon Hunter. We decided to build this site because we felt it would be good to share the Pioneer Based Studies Classes and Resources that we have accumulated and found so useful ourselves That was Christadelphianstudies Listen yourself rich!

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Coronavirus: support offered in isolation Thursday, 5th March As the current situation with Coronavirus seems to be worsening, and we are hearing of more brethren and sister having to isolate themselves to try and prevent the spread, the time seems right to remind brethren and sisters of the services that the CIL can provide to those who are in isolation. These are updated weekly and Lectures are provided each month, as well as all the articles going back nearly 20 years. Alongside this we host a vast archive of recordings of talks. To receive any of these please sign up to the Website and follow the relevant links. CIL Meet is a service which allows ecclesias to live stream meetings in a secure environment. Christadelphian Organisations will be able to securely stream their events and meetings within the brotherhood using this service.



In this he found sympathy with the rapidly emerging Restoration Movement in the United States at the time. This movement sought a reform based upon the Bible alone as a sufficient guide and rejected all creeds. However, this liberality eventually led to dissent as John Thomas developed his personal beliefs and began to question mainstream orthodox Christian beliefs. The history of this process appears in the book Dr. His message was particularly welcomed in Scotland , and Campbellite , Unitarian and Adventist friends separated to form groups of "Baptised Believers". Two thirds of ecclesias, and members, in Britain before were in Scotland. John Thomas In his desire to seek to establish Biblical truth and test orthodox Christian beliefs through independent scriptural study he was not alone.

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