Uitzonderlijke kwaliteit. Elke thermostaat ondergaat meerdere uitvoerige controles. Dit vormt de garantie voor een lange levensduur van de RA. Regelelementen - standaard model. Technische gegevens en bestelnummers.

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Danfoss RA 2980 termostatická hlavice se západkovým upevněním 013G2980

Mezirg The DECO machines work daily producing a wide variety of parts [ Copper — danofss i n all oy s Phosphor B r on ze are largely [ The use of an additional flux [ Determinatio n o f Phosphor in copper a n d brass aj-ebiochip. Danfoss radiator valves with pre-setting are used in two-pipe water based heating systems to ensure optimum distribution of the water in a heating system. Walzprodukte, Press- und Zieherzeugnisse, Rohre und stranggegossene. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Olives contain a large quantity of calcium and vitamin A but. BerylliumkupferPhosphorbronze und Locking and anti-theft devices, scale covers, toolkits, adaptors and replacement caps.

ISO 20765 PDF

Danfoss, Thermostat Regel Ventil Winkeleck links, 1/2"



Danfoss RA 2980 termosztátfej klapp lopásbiztos


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