Kazimuro Tournament, was how lords typically did war with one another; it was a means of grabbing more power or proving your dominance over your allies and enemies. Newer Post Older Post Home. For those that do wish to pursue it, the book does examine the Knights Path as it was, and also touches upon demi-human equivalents to knights. From simple wooden forts, to enormous palaces, anything is possible.

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Average Rating 5 ratings Imagine a world of knights in shining armor, mighty castles, and high chivalry. Sections address life in a feudal culture, new Battlesystem rules for the resolution of sieges, a quick resolution system for massive military campaigns, and an assortment of generic castles to spark your imagination. It was released in May Continuing with the DMGRs. However, it took a very different tack from the previous volume, acting as a general sourcebook for the setting of the medieval world, whereas DMGR1 had been all about how to run games.

About the Medieval World. The Castle Guide was innovative at TSR in part because it took a much more realistic look at medieval history than most previous works from the company - which all tended to focus on fantasy realms that were at best pseudo-Medieval.

About Castles. The first part of the book covers feudalism, knights, and tournaments, while the last part covers warfare. Castle content can be found in between, with history, construction notes, and more. The most disappointing element is probably the fact that there are only floorplans for a few castles. However, The Castle Guide did not join those ranks. Battlesystem Returns. Future History. Richard Baker III.

The next year TSR returned to the topic as part of their 2. That book focused more on the castles themselves, providing stats and floorplans for seven castles over 96 pages.

However, it also moved away from the "realistic" medieval world to a more fantastic milieu full of dwarves, storm giants, and more. About the Creators. The Castle Guide was the work of several authors - each of whom probably contributed a separate and distinct section to the book. Collins was a frequent Dragon author, while the other three were frequent freelancers for a variety of companies.

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The Castle Guide

Tygosida Musings of a Maverick Referee. It has tables and explanations which make it possible to determine how cqstle a building will take to construct, how much it will cost, and even a fun chart of random events that can take place during the construction! Tournament, was how lords typically did war with one another; it was a means of grabbing more power or proving your dominance over your allies and enemies. The Gray Wolf Prowls.



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