Mokora The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the application is with the user. The extra external reset circuit will work well if Vdd can rise at very fast speed em78psap-t ms or less. Two clocks per instruction cycle? Input is driven at 2. The values of T and P listed in Table 5 below are used to verify the event that triggered the processor to wake up.

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Musho Bit 3 P Power down bit. The most up-to-day information is available on the website http: Upon power on, the upper 2 bits of R4 are cleared. Upon waking, the controller will continue to execute the succeeding address. Output terminal for crystal oscillator or external clock input pin. Bit 0 C Carry flag 5. Table 9 provides the recommended values of C1 and C2.

During normal operation or sleep mode, a WDT time-out if enabled will cause the device to em78psap-g. CONT register is both readable and writable. The SLPC bit can be read and written. Writable and readable as any other registers. In order to ensure the stable output of the oscillator, once the oscillator is enabled again, there is a delay for approximately 18ms1 oscillator start-up timer, OST before the next instruction of the program is executed. The values of T emsap-g P listed em78psa;-g Table 5 below are used to verify the event that triggered the processor to wake up.

IOCF register is both readable and writable. If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will keep in reset condition. Check Table 6 2.

The ODE bit can be read and written. In no even shall ELAN be liable for any loss or damage to revenues, profits or goodwill or other special, incidental, indirect and consequential damages of any kind, resulting from the performance or failure to perform, including without limitation any interruption of business, whatever resulting from breach of contract or breach of warranty, even if ELAN has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

In some graphic, the data maybe out of the specified warranted operating range. The pulse width time constant should be kept long enough for Vdd to reached minimum operation voltage. Table 7 depicts how these three modes are defined.

The WDT will keep on running even after the oscillator driver has been turned off i. The actual specifications and applied technology will be based on each confirmed order. Refer to the section on Instruction Set. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the frequency of the RC oscillator is influenced by the supply voltage, the values of the resistor Rextthe capacitor Cextand even by the operation temperature.

The diode D acts as a short circuit at the moment of power down. Since each resonator has its own attribute, user should refer to its specification for appropriate values of C1 and C2. XTAL frequency selection 0: Watchdog timer enable bit.

Based on the above reasons, it must be kept in mind that all of the supply voltage, the operation temperature, the components of the RC oscillator, the package types, the way the PCB is layout, will affect the system frequency.

Under customer application, when power is OFF, Vdd must drop to below 1. The WDTE bit can be read and written. Disable the wake-up function. This condition may cause a poor power on reset. Without prescaler, the WDT time-out period is approximately 18 ms1 default.

These can be pulled-high internally by software control. A serial resistor may datqsheet necessary for AT strip cut crystal or low frequency mode. The device characteristic illustrated herein are not guaranteed for it accuracy. However, under most cases where critical applications are involved, extra devices are required to assist in solving the power-up problems.

The T and P flags of R3 can be used to determine the source of the reset wake-up. In order to maintain a stable system frequency, the values of the Cext should not be less than 20pF, and that the value of Rext should not be greater than 1 M ohm. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the application is with the user. These can be pulled -high internally by software control.

The capacitor C will discharge rapidly and fully. Bit 3 PAB Prescaler assignment bit. If this pin remains at logic low, the controller will also remain in reset condition. The specifications of the Product and its applied technology will be updated or changed time by time. The watchdog timer is a free running on-chip RC oscillator. TOP Related Articles.


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