Plastics and rubber extrusion processing machines Metal production and processing Conveying and handling of bulk materials Web control and winding Automotive testing such as car, engine and gearbox dynamometers Key Benefits Universal drive and option module flexibility future proofs your investment, it also means you only fit the features you need, reducing costs, removing complexity and increasing spares availability The same control philosophy through the whole drives range reduces the learning curve Unidrive SP can be easily configured to operate as a regenerative, active front end with power factor control, eliminating harmonics and returning excess braking energy to the supply, further reducing your energy costs Scalable programmable control reduces the required encosure size and increases system performance, especially with high speed machines and motion applications Unidrive SP can easily be integrated in an automation system using one or more click-in fieldbus option modules. If cannot find what you are looking for, call our Customer Support team at or email at sales cimtecautomation.

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When 6. The drive will now accept a decimal value from 0 to at 6. This decimal value can be converted to a binary value. To see the function that will be carried out, you can reference the binary value to the chart below. Speed Reference The drive still may not run if the digital inputs and the drive sequencer are each working properly. The speed reference is able to be applied in several methods.

An analog input can be used current or voltage , preset speeds, and a field buss reference. The example is a VDC signal on analog input 1. The final speed of the demand is parameter 3. The speed reference should be displayed here if the digital inputs and the drive sequencer are failing to operate properly.

Check menu 1 and 2 to determine where it is stopping if the reference is not getting to this point. If the drive is running in torque mode, the torque reference will come on parameter 4.

Check the destination of the speed reference at 7. Follow it to the destination and confirm the speed reference value is arriving there and then through 3. Please guide.


Unidrive SP Error and Trip codes

Data error from electronic nameplate data stored in selected position feedback device. Boot A write to a menu 0 parameter has been initiated via the keypad by exiting edit mode and parameter This occurs when Optn Parameter data or default difference data is being transferred from a SMART card to the drive, but the option module categories are different between source and destination drives. This trip does not stop the data transfer, but is a warning that the data for the option modules that are different will be set to the default values and not the values from the card. This trip also applies if a compare is attempted between the data block and the drive.

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Unidrive SP AC Drives


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