Very well guys I am ready to start recruiting for the beta testing of the Dream Atlas gaming system. There are a series of things which we have to agree upon before we start this process. To those who are willing to help: 1. Because no confidentiality contract can be signed I put my entire trust on you guys.

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A few years after her arrival, God unconsciously proclaims her wish to die, a call only her angels can sense. In this war, the nature of our devotion to God opposes our need to live.

What is more important God or her creation? It is a table top role-playing game that features a vast world centred on the idea that we are made and we make history through our choices. In this case what we choose is more important God or her Creation, will lead us to choose sides in a war that threatens to end all. What is the style of the game? Eoris Essence is a science fantasy rpg in which the exploration of purpose of being and of action are key.

Characters explore the world around and the world within as they take part in a moral dilemma that revolves around the idea of importance and what one is willing to do for what one believes in. A key question hangs over the characters as they face or escape the historical events that occur around them.

What are the themes of the game? Given the vast cosmological, ideological, elemental and historical features of the game there are many possibilities for theme. It speaks from the heart of things and its implications on life and the world.

It is based on the idea that choices make history, and become inevitable. Our constant search for home is at the heart of why reason and desire clouds every thought and every decision a character makes.

There must be a reason to kill and a reason not to kill, a reason to stay home or a reason to leave. Simple choices based on simple desires unavoidably escalate driving the characters into change. What a character is at the beginning, is not who she is in the end. What makes God, God and why do we delve into the murky road that is answering the big questions of life by ourselves. Instead, whatever seems magical or unreal has an explanation that is based on a logic that is inherent to the world of Eoris.

We know it has a logical explanation, but once we think about how a microchip can store data when the power is out we start to question if we really do understand. Can we picture information in a magnetic medium? Does this information move around? Is it static? Likewise the people who developed the microchip did not develop the use of electricity. Our human technology is a collective construct no one understands completely. Likewise, it also means there is no real science on the setting, but ideas based on the general knowledge derived from observation today.

What is the setting of the game? A world beyond our physical realm that lies in the fringes of existence and that is home to the Great Spirit, God. Cradle of life and origin of the Consciousness, this world is perhaps even more real than ours and it lies at the brink of dissolution. Its many cultures now face the unconscious of God made flesh, the Last Spirits, who seek to destroy her regardless of the cost.

There is no evil, no good, and no absolutes other than the reality presentd and the choices that make us free. Many things have inspired the game so the answer to this question will undoubtedly have gaps. The landscape of our country, Colombia, has been of paramount importance. Video games have also inspired. Starting with Xenogears and moving to Shadow of the Colossus, the influences are great and hard to describe. A feeling of the magnificent mixed with the idea of simple landscapes that seem tranquil and even unimportant.

A celestial event reduced to a series of human emotions and interactions that are perhaps very real to most of us. Technologies that serve as a means to exalt our human spirits and desires and the contradictory idea that our spirits and truest longings are not of greatness but of closeness to what is around us.

A man staring into a lake, rather than conquering it, perhaps speaks louder of the spirit of the Essence rpg, than a vast warship moving through the cosmos. How are South American elements included in the game? Unavoidably we are South American. Colombian to be precise, and this gives the game a different approach to how societies see each other. It is not feudal, it is not modern and it is not tribal. It is mix of things in which many forms of government, of religion and culture had to learn to grow together and come to terms.

From the most civilised and educated, to the most uneducated, primal and perhaps childish of beings, this world shares its sceneries equally. There is a history of tolerance growing into acceptance, growing into understanding that is easy to see happening on our continent daily. There is also a great desire for more. Like everyone is expecting something larger than life to happen.

We believe in a one true god while also believing in thousands upon thousands of small deities, spirits, who share this world with us as much as God and everyone else. Who will be the Characters? We designed a game system that literally allows you to play as conventional humanoid characters.

But we have seen players have characters that are simple animals of this world attempting to survive as the rules of men and gods alter their habitats. Truly this game offers many possibilities that are fun and easy to explore. What types of Characters can be played in Eoris Essence? Basically any type.

Truly, check it out for your selves. Nevertheless, main characters could be the Contacts, beings who have the ability to redefine the fabric of the world instinctively. That is, without the need for advanced technologies. Inhabiting the world of Eoris could be explained by using what examples of popular media? Also an idea of vast landscapes like those found on Shadow of the Colossus, especially when referring to the evocative feeling and the sense of wonder of the simple mundane.

How do I find the Eoris books? You may visit www. You may also join any forum in the internet and create a thread, through which the creators will contact you. How is the game system? Designed to have a complex, long and fully detailed Character generation process that offers so many options some may feel daunted, the Essence System provides thousands of options for players to choose from. It also includes three games in one. You may play as Xylen ordinary beings , Sil free spirits of God or Kalei Spirits that serve the unconscious will of God and seek to destroy her.

Eoris is a complex world with many mysteries and secrets. Will there be a revelation or must we come up with solutions on our own? The idea is for every gaming group to create their own version of the game and make it their own. This however does not in any way clash with the idea of a fixed idea given the cosmological order of Eoris.

Nevertheless, new expansions are underway where secrets will be revealed and the history will advance to explore the furthest depths of the war. Is Eoris Essence an on-going series? Eoris is a world creation that has many years in the making and encompasses wondrous efforts from its creators.

It is indeed an on-going series. What will the style of the scenarios and adventures be like? When directly relevant to the historical events of the world, the style is an escalating, over the top, celestial confrontation between beings who wish to overcome one another no matter the cost. In this struggle inner demons arise and the true purpose behind every action is revealed.

Nevertheless, the setting is presented in an open and free manner so that Players and GMs alike may decide on what form of game they will experience. This is based on the idea we had when we first played roleplaying games: The world is but the scenario, events and characters are what matter.

This is also the case for Eoris Essence. We feel that anything could and should happen. We welcome everyone to experience the world of Eoris in as free a manner as possible. Allows character to modify any previously existing species, or create their own. Narrators gaming masters use this tool to create enemies and antagonists, new species, vehicles, and any creation that is based on a physical form. Are there classic enemies like goblins and dragons, or an entire new wave of creatures? Basically any the Narrator wishes to include on the setting so long as it is not a magical species or race.

Only biological creatures inhabit the world of Eoris. Magic simply does not exist. The spirits that inhabit the world of Eoris and that represent or embody the soul of a particular thing. Some spirits are fragmented into different beings instead of just one.

For example the Sil as a whole embody the spirit of life in a certain fragment of the universe. Will Eoris Essence have expansions? But it is important to realise the books that are currently for sale present a version of the world and of the game that is open, freeā€¦ but also unique to the limited edition.

Never again will the books be printed in the same manner or with everything they have including the three game modes. Posted by.


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I have to thank everyone here for the hilarity of this thread. Um, so.. Eoris Essence. Yes, it does actually exist. I was young and foolish, very foolish.


Eoris Essence: World of Eoris (2013)

Seen 11 mos ago Eoris essence Now for those that are unfamiliar with it, it is basically an Exalted knock-off, only extremely well written, but for the moment are only available in dead tree version. For this you will be a Xylen - a character from Solar Existence you can choose a character from most franchises - that I am familiar with, and whose paradigms do not break those of this particular universe So undead or anything like that cannot exist here, but technobabble type races can. I only ask that you choose something suitable. And still, can you sense the murmur beneath the construct; can you sense that there is more than just this? This murmur is not a reason or an understanding; perhaps it is just a dark comfort. This murmur underlies all existence, far beyond the self, including the compelling search to satisfy the soul. It is an everlasting search for happiness and the attainment of the absolute.

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