Portions of this new version of Oedipus the King appeared originally in. Translation lacks pace and rhythm whilst Fagles, even though. It is known by a variety of titles the most common being Oedipus Rex. And Senecas versions http:www.

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Grot You took me from someone else? Do one thing more, for your sake, not mine. Then — the child came from the house. Your words are nothing — futile. Laius — -how did fagls look? And you got your faglea from that misfortune too. Anyone disregarding the author s rights renders himself liable to prosecution. Fag,es are in your hands. What will come will come. Pray god you find a better life than mine, the father who begot you.

Neither was he, no more your father than I am. You were a gift, years ago — know for a fact he took you from my hands. I am agony — where am I going? How terrible — to see the truth when the truth is only pain to him who sees! What superhuman power drove you on? Seeing nothing, children, knowing nothing, I became your father, I fathered you in the soil that gave me life. I fail to see that your own words are so well-timed. Your own flesh and blood!

Oedipus pauses, waiting for a reply. How I weep for you — I cannot see you now. I will, I will. Get out— faster, back where you came from — vanish! I thought I heard you say that Laius was cut down at a place where three roads meet. Such compassion, 1 loyal to the last.

Next, if anyone knows the murderer is a stranger, a man from alien soil, come, speak up. So I honor my obligations: What more misery could you want? So, you mock my blindness? What do you mean?

You pray to the gods? And you, his wife. Never let the holy water touch his hands. Get him into the halls — quickly as you can.

And who is he? Out with it, once and for all! Take me away, far, far from Thebes, quickly, cast me away, my friends — this great murderous ruin, this man cursed to heaven, the man the deathless gods hate most of all! Dear friend, still here? They winged me on to the murder of my father, did they? Making my way toward this triple crossroad I began to see a herald, then a brace of colts drawing a wagon, and mounted on the bench What struck you so?

And you, did you. That was the story. Related Posts.


The Three Theban Plays : Antigone, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus

Bragor Sickness then — poor man, it wore him down. Yes, yes, my king. What are you saying — Polybus was not my father? Emerging from the palace. That was the story. So, you mock my blindness? Promise me, noble Creon, touch my hand!


Robert Fagles

Nikom I stumbled on you, down the woody flanks of Mount Cithaeron. Is he still alive? With no help from the birds, the flight of my own intelligence hit the mark. Next, if anyone knows the murderer is a stranger, a man from alien soil, come, speak up. Your own flesh and blood!


Oedipus the King (text) Fagles translation


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