Patch is introduced in Chapter 5 "A Dash of Chaos". Contents [ show ] Background Patch is first introduced when she is working for the New Canterlot Republic at a hotel that serves as a base for the faction in Fillydelphia. Patch joins up with the group after being assigned to assist Star and company with an attack on a raider camp. During the ensuing fight, Patch loses her right eye, and is discharged from service. She is currently in an intimate relationship with Steeljack. Patch used to be a Security Officer in a Stable, having grown up under a mother who wanted her to go into Security work as opposed to being a seamstress like her cutie mark implied.

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Chicacolt is a fictional city in Equestria , based far northwest than the city of Canterlot off of Lake Mareigan. Chicacolt appears in the side story " Fallout Equestria: Starlight ". Contents [ show ] History Prior to the war, Chicacolt was a booming metropolis of development, both civilian and military.

The city played host to the Ministries, complete with major hubs for most of them the Ministry of Morale had a limited amount of involvement in the city due to intervention by the Ministry of Image.

Chicacolt was also a center of cultural development. Chicacolt was also highly famous for its sports teams. Since the end of the war, Chicacolt has become a center of gang and raider activity, with several factions vying for control of the ruined metropolis. Not much is known about the tower and the area surrounding it, as it is the subject of many ghost tales and stories about adventurers finding death there. It is the broadcasting location of the radio DJ known as the "Minotaur".

It is also the host to the defense megaspell that destroyed the city, and it is still active to this day. Colter Field Colter Field is an old hoofball stadium located slightly northeast of the city.

The stadium is the home of the Cult of Iron Will, a minotaur gang that follows the teachings of the late Iron Will. Colter Field is now home to a bizarre amalgamation of races that compete in the gladitorial games of the Arena. The Cult maintains the fights in the Arena, forcing its slaves to fight for the sick pleasure of the residents of Chicacolt. The Pier also played host a cultural center including a Ferris Wheel and is also the location of the Ministry of Morale hub.

The major base of operations for the gang is "Morale", the old Ministry of Morale hub that was transformed into a chem bar. Behind the scenes, ponies can acquire whatever they desire at Morale, be it sex, drugs, alcohol, or even violence. The rest of the Pier is taken over by the addicts, the drunks, and the unwanted. The Museum The Museum is an unknown, as nopony typically goes near it.

The original name of the building was lost to time as it was blown off during the end of the war. Located just south of Colter Field.

The Museum also contains a research and development center ran by the Ministry of Awesome and a secret lab ran by the Ministry of Image. The primary controlling force here is the enigmatic Lotus Triad, a host of gangs that operate through inns, spas, and salons.

While this part of the city is kept relatively safe by the Triad, any force that opposes the gang is dealt with swiftly and quietly. It is the home base of the Applebuckers, led by Apple Danish. Located west of the city. Town consists of tribal ponies, and the surrounding area is protected by a group of self-trained protectors known as the Tin Rangers.

The gang consists mainly of brahmin and earth ponies. While not very intelligent, the gang seeks to make a name for itself by running slave labor operations for rock farms and factories. The group operates out of Colter Field, as they maintain the slave operation that runs the gladiatorial games of the Arena. Members of the Cult are fanatical and overtly religious, valuing the strength and proverbs of a prewar evangelist known as Iron Will. The Cult is led by the minotaur known as Wrath.

Known through shorthand as the MMMM. The MMMM have several settlements and controlling interests within the city, but the majority of their activities are far from illegal. The faction contains several sub-factions that all vie for control of the faction. Its leader is the earth pony Gluttony. Currently led by the stallion Trash Can.

They are a gang of raiders who banded together. Consists of male earth ponies mostly, but since the gang keeps to themselves mostly it is unknown who else belongs. The leader of the Hellraisers is unknown. Their base of operations is Morale, an old Ministry hub converted to a chem bar. They are exclusively female, and almost exclusively unicorn, although there are some earth ponies in the ranks of the gang. The group maintains massage parlors, spas, salons, and inns as fronts for their organization.


Fallout: Equestria - Starlight

Fallout Equestria - Starlight is also being translated into Russian. Visit the Translation page here. The story is set post-Day of Sunshine and Rainbows, and follows the adventures of an alicorn named Radiant Star, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. A major arc in the story takes place in the fictional city of Chicacolt. Synopsis When the Goddess died, the minds and souls in Unity spread out across the Alicorn race.


Chicacolt (Starlight)



Patch (Starlight)


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