The local transfer system is not been used in FBL. The method was that the customer who wanted to avail this facility was given the funds transfer application. The person who wanted to remit the money used to provide the details of the receiving person. The transaction was done between the banks. The bank remitting the money used to credit the account of the person sending the money and the paying bank used to debit such account and made payment to the receiving person. The payments were done on the counters.

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Corporate Relationship Managers, which means moving of corporate clients to other banks. See annexure 6. It is important to discuss current financial performance of the FBL by comparing its half yearly financials of with half yearly financials of See annexure No.

By looking at the half yearly performance, one can find that current performance is very bad as compared to last year performance. For example, Profit has been decreased by Other objectives of FBL includes; geographic expansion, entering into niche market like agriculture, consumer finance, and SME finance, opening of separate Islamic Banking branches, implementation of Symbols system, cost efficiencies, introduction of new MTO program with new approach of tests, interviews, etc.

Faysal Bank, Naila, personal communication, October 29, it was found that HRM department successfully introduced new methodology for MTO program. Abbasi, personal communication, October 14, it was found that, no single event of corporate social responsibility arranged or no other example of any form of Corporate Social Responsibility.

After evaluating the performance of FBL, it was found that FBL performed poor as compared to the targets it set, however, it also achieved many objectives, but the main objectives were not achieved, like profitability related objectives. It is necessary to find out why FBL is not performing well, or why it is not performing according to the expectations. See annexure 7. Nasir, personal communication, October 23, it was found that , liquidity problems due to increasing interest rates, i.

Major Activities Perform During Internship 8.

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On January 1, , Al Faysal Investment Bank Limited, another group entity in Pakistan, merged into Faysal Bank Limited which resulted in a larger, stronger and much more versatile institution. In fact it has the highest share capital amongst private banks in Pakistan and is amongst the largest in terms of equity. Faysal Bank Limited is a full service banking institution offering consumer, corporate and investment banking facilities to its customers. The Banks widespread and growing network of branches in the four provinces of the country and Azad Kashmir, together with its corporate offices in major cities, provides timely and differentiated services in an effective manner. C an investment bank listed in Bahrain. The remaining shareholders comprise of general public, NIT and other Pakistani institutions. Group Information Ithmaar Bank B.


Internship Report On Faysal Bank Limited By Naeem Ahmed




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