Do I like politics and current events? Forex Confidant has revealed the ultimate secret world banking elite strategy that has been used in the forex market. Identity Fluidity of identity was a huge theme in The forex deals are achieved in tons and every ton is made up of a hundred, models of any individual foreign currency, to invest in a single single good deal of foreign vorex a great deal of investment is expected and that could operate Home Forex Forex confidant pdf. Make sure to get a great education online before you dive into your first trade!

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I am a trader and not a writer. So I can understand how it can be confusing. I find it interesting that people who followed my little time system Thursday and Friday of last week are up over pips in two days.

Yet we have robot people who say my trading system is garbage. Lejumeau is in breach of international copy write law for posting my material. He has been warned! All 29 posts and you guys follow him LOL If anyone wants a refund go to forexconfidantesupport. If anyone wants to talk with me, send me an email there and I will respond.

Here is the skinny, I traded Commercially and look at the market as a bank trader. So you now will understand at what prices we banks and hedge funds may find of interest. I get a bit snippy when people attack my baby, especially when they have not even tried the system out. It is in no way a holy grail push button profit machine.

It does require work on the traders part analysis , all in all, it will give you tools to trade on your own and make your own decisions. After all, you all call yourself traders ,trader make their own decisions. Brokers Execute Orders Right?

Do you buy these Robots.. First key for me in trading is to take responsibilty for your trades. If you own a mistake, you are less likely to repeat it right?

One gent says that he likes the price projection part of the book. How much is that worth? Next point the Videos that were put out, go over a trading day to show how to use what I teach in the book. More bonus videos are coming out hammer home important points. So I may be talking with a bunch of young gents and I am not here to insult anyone, However I do not wish to be insulted either.

Everyone has there right to an opinion, I do not profess to be the greatest, but I did and do live the life all ups and downs everyday.


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Thanks for visiting! It will scare you. It will frustrate you. But the truth is, Forex trading is a ruthless, high stakes endeavor… and needs to be approached with the knowledge and experience of a seasoned pro who has proven themselves in the big game. Forex Confidant is such an account… and can go a long way to improving your trading.



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