USCIS will apply the final rule to all applications for adjustment of status, and applications and petitions for extension of nonimmigrant stay or change of nonimmigrant status postmarked or, if applicable, submitted electronically on or after that date. For applications and petitions that are sent by commercial courier for example, UPS, FedEx, or DHL , the postmark date is the date reflected on the courier receipt. USCIS will reject any affected application or petition that does not adhere to the final rule, including those submitted by or on behalf of aliens living in Illinois, if postmarked on or after Feb. The final rule requires applicants for adjustment of status who are subject to the public charge ground of inadmissibility and certain applicants and petitioners seeking extension of stay and change of status to report certain information related to public benefits.

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If you are a U. Citizen, this most likely does not apply to you. In sections asking for historical employment and residence, list the most recent item first and the oldest item last.

The other two forms will be specified if they are required when another form requests them. Do not forget to sign the document. It will be rejected. The fee for filing this form is Free. Breaking Down Form GA Although the information requested from Form G A is pretty rudimentary, it is important that you fill it out carefully and with attention to detail.

If you are uncertain about any of the questions that you need to answer, it is best to speak with an immigration lawyer for peace of mind. If you have not been in contact with them prior, you do not have a File Number. Citizens who are submitting a petition for the applicant. For example, if you are a U. Deferred action allows non-permanent residence status, non-citizens to lawfully remain in the United States without the USCIS taking steps for removal proceedings of an individual.

Recipients who are granted deferred action are not excused or granted amnesty from any previous illegally spent time in the United States.

The example that many immigration lawyers bring up as the reason deferred action is prevalent in the current immigration climate is thanks to John Lennon of the Beatles. John Lennon had been convicted of a drug crime in the United Kingdom and was granted the non-priority status with that criminal history. Most Popular Pages.


Form G-325A Instructions for Newcomers



What Is Form G-325A?


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