The Profisix and Lunapro does not work in the same way. Flash sync speed Aperture range Exposure time Cine. Gossen Profisix Be the first to review pofisix item Would you like to tell us about a lower price? How to you compare with lunasix in-terms of accuracy, the battery it takes and the serviceability in case something goes really wrong. In spite of mechanical display and profieix dial, these meters are electronic as circuitry to store the light reading is necessary for flash measurement. Gossen Profisix Original Instruction Manual: : Books Turn the outer wheel so that the needle matches the 0 in the middle.

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Recently, my father gave me his old light meter, a Gossen Lunasix. Anyways, my problem with it is that it gives me contradictory readings when I compare it with the readings I get off my Canon Eos Camera. When I take a reading from my Canon, I always use my grey card. When I use my Lightmeter, I always find that is off from the Canon reading but I know that the Canon reading is right. When I take the reading with the lightmeter, I move the white dome aside and measure it of the grey card.

The obvious solution to this is that the lightmeter is not calibrated properly but I do know how to do that. And there are new batteries in the meter. I also know to read the yellow triangle. I do not have the manual to the lightmeter. I feel somewhat dejected that the lightmeter and the Camera meter do not agree.

My question is whether anyone knows how to get the old manual to this lightmeter and whether they have any solutions to what my problem may be. The other question is whether people know that the Gossen Lunasix is a true spot meter or whether it is a partial meter when the white dome is removed? Whatever can be advised will be greatly appreciated.


Lunasix 3 manual

Vikora This entry was posted in rants etc. You might also have decided to try recalibrating for silver-oxide batteries without using a diode. A 1N should do. It might still need a slight adjustment, but it will be tiny. Yesterday I stumbled upon a very nice, mint-looking original grey Lunasix at a garage sale. Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter.


Gossen MetraWatt lunasix Operating Instructions Manual

Doing the same kind of test that you did veryfies this. I bought my meter second hand so I have not had it since it was new. Recalibration and conversion of LunaPro LunaSix meter to modern batteries: I have alwasy assumed that my Profisix worked the way others did mine is serial 3D The movement of the needle however is not the prlfisix as it moves to three when the time is changed one step. Get to Know Us. Gossen Profisix Hi all, I have recently acquired a gossen profisix light meter which I intend on using with my Spotmatic F, however I have come across a problem: Maybe we have someone from Gossen on this forum who can shed some light on this matter.

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