It even allows users to input the account details of their various social networks Many features at good price point Cons Touch interface needs improvements Response lag This week we tested the GXV , the newest HD multimedia phone from Grandstream. The phone is an ambitious piece of hardware. Luckily for Grandstream, there certainly seems to be a demand for a new approach to the office desk phone. Announced as the upgrade and sibling to the highly praised GXV from , this phone has some interesting qualities. Other features include a full Internet browser, video conferencing, and support for an assortment of social media applications.

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Very useful feature in GXVv2 is video preview — it means that you can see the video before you pick up the call. It is the easiest way how you can check who is standing in front of your door before you start to talk with him.

IP address of GXVv2 is These IP addresses and names are used only such as example — please change it according to your names and network plan. How to set 2N IP Intercom intercom? Settings of 2N IP Intercom intercom is very easy. First of all create a new user and assign him a phone number — we will make SIP direct call peer-to-peer call to GXVv2 in our scenario. See the picture below for more information.

Finally we will modify the settings of Video codecs section "Services — Phone — Video". Consider the bandwidth consumption during the settings. The easiest way how to set up this IP phone is via web interface but you can also use touch screen of this phone and set all necessary parameters this way.

Complete setting via web interface is described below. In the first step you have to enable "Account 1" and set all necessary information for this account in the "General" section. For using in local network it is recommended to switch off NAT Traversal. Go to the "Call settings" section and modify the "Dial Plan" field based on the picture below.

You can also copy this dial plan from the Account 2 or from the Account 3. In the next step move to the section "Advanced settings — General settings" and check if the "Use Random Port" check box is empty. Now go to section "Maintenance — Call Functions" and set the Preview as a function for incoming calls.

Thanks to this feature you can see the video from intercom before you pick up the call and start to talk with calling person. Finally you can double check that GXVv2 was properly registered to the intercom and that you can make a call between these devices.

For Direct Call, disable the Use random port parameter. Works only with version GXVv2. Used Symbols.


Grandstream Networks GXV3175 User Manual



Grandstream GXV3175 IP Phone Headset - EAR510D



Grandstream GXV3175


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