The film rights to He-Man have reportedly since reverted to Mattel. As recently as fall of , there was a new feature film in development entitled Grayskull: Masters of the Universe, produced by Joel Silver and written by Justin Marks. The film would reportedly employ visual effects to a large degree, as was done with An alleged script has been leaked.

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Apparently, the script is reminiscent of and the Lord of the Rings films, with sci-fi and magic mixed in. That sounded really cool, but since this movie is apparently not getting made, I was hoping I could at least read the script.

Unfortunately, I could not find it anywhere, except for the website linked above. Something that got me really pumped about it was this idea for a post-credits scene that I read at whatculture. The deal was announced in Variety back in May of for a He-Man live action movie. Regardless of the post apocalyptic Earth controversy, I liked what Marks did in Voltron.

He then knocked it out the park with Supermax, but folks, I am here to tell both you and MOTU fans — Justin Marks has delivered his fanboy masterpiece! The script takes place in Eternia, not a middle Earth on Earth. The writer takes the MOTU mythology very seriously. Whatever made the cartoon corny is not in here at all. In fact, there is not a single beat of comedic relief in the script.

If Warners even remotely executes this script like they did they will have a monster hit on their hands because this script leaves it open for a trilogy.

Four thousand years go in the workshop of Eternus we open on the powerful hands of a blacksmith forging steel from a raging fire. At the beginning of time, the blacksmith Eternus forged the Sword Of Light, a blade so beautiful that its spark created all life as we know it. Eventually he fell into madness. Angered by his failure, he forged one last blade before he died.

The mirror opposite of its original. The Sword of Darkness. Instead of light, a dark void burns deep into the surface of this blade. Haunting and ominous. We are next in an epic battlefield on Eternia. Both blades, being born of magic gave amazing powers to anyone who held them. And so they were sought after. On a hilltop plateau, a colossal army marches with enough feet to rattle the earth. Thousands of soldiers, all clad in high-tech battle gear. Think of something out of feudal Japan but poly-alloy and with a hint of alien texture.

Over thousands of years, the swords faced each other army times… The leader of the army, a king we will come to know as GRAYSKULL 40s , stands at the front and raises the Sword of Light, which bathes his army in a majestic light.

On the other of the battlefield: a different army emerges from the fog. Dark and intimidating. Half monster, half machine. Their leader, a creature masked in thick armor, lifts up the Sword of Darkness. It spreads a black cloud over the army, fueling their bizarre technology with energy. On the other side, the snarling beasts rise up, their hydraulic parts expanding and enhancing their size. The two armies run straight at each other and clash violently.

Awesome advanced warfare. King Grayskull squares off against the other leader. During the fight, he manages to defeat him and cause him to drop the Sword of Darkness. Grayskull picks it up and suddenly the two swords begin to fuse together. It was King Grayskull who first realized that to stop a war between two sides, you had to bring them together.

Metal wrapping around, metal, sparks flying, like a fusion reaction, coils winding down the blades and suddenly and finally nestling at the handle which King Grayskull raises in the air creating a blinding light that spreads over the battlefield.

Soldiers on both sides stop fighting and watch in awe. So long as the king lived, Eternia never saw another war again. We are next in a private chamber, where the much older King Grayskull lies on his death bed, surrounded by well-wishers. But when his end came, his inner circle feared what no successor would be able to honor the balance the king had created.

Next at a table in the Hall of Wisdom an ancient temple marked with stone ornamentation , a sacred site, sit six warriors. They are identified by ancient tribal tattoos on their faces. They surround the two swords wrapped in silk. Six warriors, endowed with the magic of the blades, were trusted with separating them and burying each in a secret location. They were called the Masters of the Universe… Three masters take one blade, three take the other. They embrace each other and go separate ways.

For several generations the swords have remained hidden until now. Her companion, obscured in shadow and wearing a heavy hood, scans the terrain. Keldor reaches for the sword. As his fingers touch it he suddenly undergoes a euphoric vision of dark wonders and endows Keldor with all terrifying forces of black magic.

His skin begins to erode. Flesh turns to tissue and then to bone. Soon the sensation spreads to his arms, his shoulders, his face…literally tearing the skin from his bone.

Weeks later, we are at Capitol City, the center of civic life in Eternia. A stunning achievement of a civilization that incorporates advanced technology and magic. They have a father son moment where Randor tells his son Adam that a true leader brings their people together, whatever their differences.

Adam tells his dad that he is not that man. Randor looks down at Adam sadly and wonders if he ever will be. Meanwhile, at the gates of the Royal Palace, two soldiers walk the palace grounds as fireworks explode in the sky.

A heavy black mist pours through the opening. Kronis and several Eternian guards stage a coup and try to kill King Randor. King Randor puts up a fight and evens the odds.

Kronis fires a huge blast at Randor who drops to his knees. Randor tells Adam to run. Adam watches in horror, tears forming in his eyes. Adam escapes and Skeletor gives the order to his goons to kill Adam. Man At Arms helps Adam escape and instructs him to go to the frontier until the time is right. Adam makes it to the edge of the frontier and collapses beside a cluster of trees on top of a hill.

Majestic, dignified, mysterious. Wind picks up in the clattering of branches, we begin to hear a voice, speaking in a whisper, manipulating the sound of the leaves to shape a language.

She tells Adam that his time is not over and shows him his future. A beautiful stone structure surrounded by a precipice. The wind ceases. The leaves fall to the ground. Then the falcon spreads it wings and takes flight.

Days later, in a dust storm, Adam is rescued by ZODAK 40s wearing heavy animal hides and high-tech gear strapped across his chest. A powerful black man, an experienced warrior. Zodak belongs to the Order of the Masters. Protectors of the legacy of Greyskull. For the next 10 pages or so, reminiscent of Batman Begins, Adam gets mentored by Zodak for the next seven years and turns the pampered 14yr old Prince Adam into a 21 yr old bad ass warrior.

We get some more cool backstory which I prefer not to spoil. Basically, Adam has to prove himself worthy of the Sword of Light and to use the power of the Sword to create balance, to fight for something greater than himself. We also find out that the Sorceress is the only surviving member of the original Six Masters of the Universe.

Now she is the protector of Castle Greyskull. If Adam can get the Sorceress to unlock the Sword of Light, he will be able to stand up to his uncle and take back Eternia.

But first, Adam has to prove himself worthy and find Castle Greyskull which is well hidden. So the script also throws in a treasure hunt for good measure and executed perfectly.

The Masters once spoke about the Legend of the He-Man. A fallen son who would find the Sword of Light and unify his kingdom. Will Adam fulfill his destiny? Well, I guess we are going to have to wait and see what Warner Brothers decides to do. I hope to God they make this because you can see the effort it took over a year to complete this draft. The script is lean, mean, got no fat, no camp or cheese and is full of story and action. A special effects house is going to have a field day with the set pieces and battles that take place throughout the story.

Like I said earlier, Warners executes this remotely like — they have a monster hit and a potential franchise on their hands.


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