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The face of the classic wedge shaped enclosure is finished with a shiny laminate and instead of a grille, the speaker has two large rugged looking Aluminium bars running across the front of it.

They look able to keep suitcases from harming your cone on a hurried-to-Gatwick roundabout. In fact this amp is way over-powered for the box, as it puts out 1, watts at four Ohms. Now, while you can get both Bandpass and Bass Reflex hence BP or BP model numbers in two Ohm versions, that would have meant that the unit would be at risk of drawing 2, watts and that would have been terminal. As it was, it had the 1,w output to contend with. A large top roll surround on the driver for high excursion.

All the parts, speaker connection cup included are fixed with attractive Allen headed screws. It not only looks really sexy and powerful but it sounds it too. A classic in every way and pure JBL in that it is able to handle far more power than its ratings suggest.

I admit that as I was getting used to the new bass amplifier, the first time of connection, I did give the poor woofer an absolute slapping. I gave it a signal way below its port tuning frequency, then I boosted it at a point still below the tuning frequency, then I gave it a kilowatt. That the poor thing survived a moment or three of unadulterated stupidity speaks volumes for its ability to withstand abuse on the street. I know I boiled every last gram of the volatiles out of the glues used to hold the thing together and even toasted them a bit as they made that nasty hot voice coil smell.

Which I admit a certain pervy love of but it might be toxic. However, I finally got a grip of the true power of said test amplifier, a JBL monoblock and better yet, the bass optimisation circuit they use on it and gave the GTOBR a far more sensible load. This has huge bass sweeps and drops in it and goes way deeper than the GTOBR is specified to be able to do. Then, I gave it a fat slice of power again, around the half kilowatt mark, as the Odyssey battery was being supported by the 10A marine battery charger at the time of the test and offering The subwoofer tracked the huge bass lines and made a really full fat sound with nary a trace of any strain until you dropped down to the lower than 30Hz zone.

Then it made a valiant attempt at the material but you could hear that it was running out of puff down there. It showed a big old excursion on the cone of the GTO woofer in the box and this means a real ease with grip of the big end of wobbles and big bass notes that change and grow or swell. Beefy, deep and meaty and able to use lots more power than it says on the box. So another typically rocking product from the brand that remains one of the truly Big Boys of Bass and earns itself a Talk Audio Recommended flag.

Sound Quality 8.


JBL Grand Touring Series GTO1202D - subwoofer driver - for car Specs



GTO 1202D (serv.man6) — JBL Car Audio User Guide / Operation Manual


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