As well as hurps study in all mental skills, the study of Diplomacy, and Detect Lies are added dhne the Mentats very impressive list of abilities. These are essentially the Fremen encountered at the beginning of the book, Dune, but their culture already has begun to change by the end of that book — change in very significant ways. Semuta is expensive, incapacitating, and totally addictive, worth points as a disadvantage. Training is very intensive, designed to develop flexibility and speed more than strength. Even the strongest need to relax the back muscles several times a day. Their chief accomplishment, however, is the ability to repeat conversations word for word ggurps start to finish, mimicking the cadence and vocal inflection of each participant.

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Page 3 of 27 Starship Rules Almost all interstellar travel is handled by the Spacing Guild which holds a virtual monopoly on all resources required for such travel, namely: starships, starship navigators, and interstallar navigational information.

The Steersmen are a specialized sub-race of humanity in the Dune Universe, who navigate by means of limited prescience. By seeing into the future, the navigator is able to adjust the course of his starship and find the correct path through hyperspace so his ship arrives safely at its destination. This means of navigation requires very little in the way of navigational aids like sensors and computer equipment.

Because of this, I include no rules for their development. Below are suggestions for a campaign spanning roughly half of the Milky Way. These engines require. Size and efficiency of hyperdrive both can be enhanced in order to achieve increased FTL-speeds. THis works on a simple proportional relationship up to twice standard size and twice standard efficiency. Effiency is a function of cost; size is a function of mass and weight. The energy requirement of enhanced hyperdrives in increased by the square of the factor of final FTL-Speed increase.

All other figures concerning size and wieght would be as above. It would require. Per tone of starship it would require. FTL navigation: 4-dimensional, eliete astrogators. FTL side effects, error effects, special notes: See other references for more details concerning the Spacing Guild and interstallar travel.

They produce 1 ton of thrust per 10 MW of power input, with an exhaust speed of around miles per second. This drive could accelerate at 1 G for a week, or.


Gurps - Dune

Akinorr Generalists are warned that principles of expertise can change, that no one can catalogue all knowledge, and that the Generalist is himself part of the set of phenomena to be learned. The chief danger to Processors is that the order introduced might or might not be in accord with reality. Those surviving report either no memories whatsoever dunw the most richly satisfying intellectual experience of their lives. In hand-to-hand combat, this translates to a PD of 8 for a typical military shield.



Bless the coming and going of Him. May His passing cleanse the world. May He keep the world for His people. The players are Fremen, living in Sietch Bissal, a single thumper from Arrakeen. The game starts in standard year 10, Dune started in 10,, so about 17 years before the start of the first book.

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