Kazinos Clip-tight sealed beahc for spill resistance Perfect size for 6 lb. Like braising, slow cookers tenderize meat slowly as it cooks. Set to the desired meat temperature. Party Crock Couscous with Tomatoes and Feta.

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Dimensions: Slow cooks three ways - manually or pre-programmed by time or temperature with the included meat probe. Includes clip tight glass lid feature to reduce spills when travelling.

Automatically shifts to warm to prevent overcooking Customer Reviews Most helpful customer reviews of people found the following review helpful. This seems to be a much better made cooker. I love the probe function, which allows you to cook until the meat is done then automatically warm without second guessing. The controls are easy to read and push. I tested the unit and it heated to the proper temperatures for low and high.

No overcooking or handles coming off. I predict if Rival continues to sell cheap junk that HB will soon become the number one slow cooker, a worthy rival to Rival. Allow me to quantify a problem with this cooker: You can set the probe to a low temperature of and that is good. Here is the reason why some of us have posted that these cookers are cooking too hot: Meat proteins, which contain moisture, start to shrink at a temperature of see "On Food and Cooking", Harold McGee, page , and causes the meat to start drying out.

This means that you cannot braise tough meats. Because, tough meats require low and slow cooking to avoid drying out the meat while melting the tough connective tissue which make the meat unpleasant to consume.

I remain confident that if the warm setting is , then the low setting can only be hotter. Now, I can fully understand that companies are covering their rear-ends because of safe cooking practices; however, degrees is excessively safe even ground beef is beyond well done at The truth to this is that you cannot use this slow cooker as a set and forget with meats.

If you are using it with meats, then timing becomes critical or over-done-ness will ensue. If your meat sits at the warm setting for any serious duration, you will come to learn that your meat is a dry well done, not done well. Furthermore, tough meats will remain a severe challenge because the temperatures are too hot too fast to strike a pleasant eating experience. Good luck with your slow cooking endeavors!

By mntngal I bought this for myself because I wanted a programmable crock that would automatically turn to warm when finished. But I got much more than I had expected.

And I love that the lid will seal if I need to transport a meal to a pot luck dinner or something. In the past, I would have to worry about everything spilling out, but not with this because it has such a great seal on it. I also bought this as a gift for my brother and his large family. We were all amazed at how much we could cook in this. So, it works great for a large family. The directions do recommend that the crock is filled for best results or expect it to cook faster if it is only half filled.

That may be why a few people on here had their food cook too fast. Would recommend this for anyone and I got on sale, so good purchase for the money. See all customer reviews


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