How to cite this article: Satheesh George, K. Tushar, K. Unnikrishnan, K. Hashim and Indira Balachandran, Hemidesmus indicus L. A Review.

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Rhizomes methanolic extract is effective against breast cancer. It is also used in treating colon cancer. The root extract shows significant cytotoxic activity against Ehrlich Ascites Tumor as well.

The components of intracellular signaling pathways that are involved in cell viability, proliferation and alter protein expression which leads to tumor cell death. It is a chemopreventive agent in skin. When compared to drugs such as rantidine and omeperazole, H. Nootropic effect The root extract of H. After oral administration, biochemical parameters such as serum glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase, alkaline phosphatase and serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase are found to be in normal range.

Lowers inflammation The ethyl acetate extract of root shows anti-inflammatory activities in subacute and acute inflammation. An oral administration of root extracts displays antinociceptive activity and block both neurogenic and inflammatory pains.

Anti-hypergycemic properties Treatment with H. In diabetic condition, the presence of excess glucose react with hemoglobin for forming glycosylated hemoglobin.

So glycosylated hemoglobin level is directly proportional to the level of blood glucose. Traditional uses For tooth problems or toothache, crush leaves and put it between the teeth. Take 4 gm of each anantmool root and leaves of Malabar nut with milk twice a day to relieve gastric and asthma problems. To treat baldness or enhance hair growth, take the powder of anantmool root with water thrice a day.

For abdominal pain, use the grinded gm of anantmool root in water. Take 1 gm of fried anantmool powder in ghee with 5 gm sugar to treat burning sensation. Intake 3 gm of anantmool root powder with honey thrice a day to lower the joint pain and stiffness. Take a hot infusion of anantmool root mixed with milk and sugar candy for healthy and fair childbirth.

Culinary uses The pickled ones are served with rice dishes in Tamil Nadu. In South India, root extracts are used in syrup with sugar and lemon.


Health Benefits of Hemidesmus indicus

Tedal Zaiyana, Ausaba lunnara; Beng. Ayyanar and Ignacimuthu have reported traditional uses of H. Jain and Singh and Kothari and Moorthy have reported the use of this plant by tribes hemideskus Ambikapur district, Madhya Pradesh and Raigard district in Maharashtra respectively. International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research.



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