Ultrasonic Hidrolipoclasia All broken down fat is then eliminated through the lymphatic system. To help in the elimination of fatty deposits we recommend that prior to treatment alcohol and fatty foods be avoided. The metabolism will then be more effective. After your first free visit to the doctor, he will guide you through the recommended areas to be treated. This treatment is not recommended in patients who are overweight, in this case liposuction is the solution in conjuction with a diet prepared for you by our nutritionist.

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This there a weight limit to getting lazer lipo? If you are overweight or obese and you complete a series of procedures, you may not see the results you expect. If you ware looking for a product that helps with weight-loss, you might want to check out Dietspotlight Burn. Reply Workout required? Maureen Pendleton i have had three lipo laser treatments at night for tightening and firming of my face and for fat removing and molding.

I have not been told that I should work Out immediately after treatment. How important is this? Reply Anna Editor Hi Maureen. It is critical to workout after Lipo Laser. Most doctors suggest a minimum of 30min a day.

Reply Amazing results! Denise Verified Purchase I completed 6 treatments over a two month period. Worked out for 30 mins doing cardio within a Hr of treatment and have seen amazing results. I eat a fairly healthy diet and drink 64 oz of water per day.

Reply Jenny Hi there Would you mind me telling me how much weight loss did you accomplish Im doing the exact same thing and as well as 6 sessions and would love to know an average on how much you have lost Im also following a good diet and i exercise 1 hour everyday. The cost of the treatment also varies. I will continue treatments Reply Fantastic Jay. What kind of results did you see? Reply Not for me, maybe for u It may work for others.

Roxanne Would you still get results if you get the treatment in the morning and then workout in the evening? I workout daily, but i can only workout in the evenings. Reply Anna Editor No. There is no set schedule you have to follow. Working out in the evenings is just fine. I went back to the gym, eliminated carbs and sugar and most fat melted away.

Reply Sara P. Verified Purchase It is useful for me to know about other ways of epilation beside salon. Is in home epilation better than the services of a professional cosmetologist?? Not long ago my salon got laser 1D from Innovatione the price is rather attractive.


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Tratamiento de Hidrolipoclasia


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