Kapitel des Haupttextes[ Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten ] In Die erste Begegnung schildert der Autor, wie er auf WikiLeaks und dessen Potential aufmerksam wurde, Kontakt aufnahm und begann, erste Arbeiten zu erledigen. Auch die technische Infrastruktur war noch unterentwickelt und wurde mit der Zeit um weitere Server erweitert. Nach der Vorstellung der Ideen von WikiLeaks auf dem Laut Domscheit-Berg betraf dies vor allem Assange und ihn selbst, nachdem er begonnen hatte, Assange zu kritisieren.

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In a response to Forbes, Domscheit-Berg denied sabotage and ridiculed the legal threat, saying he had received a letter from a lawyer representing Assange "written in the worst German I ever read", which failed to mention a single law he might have broken. It says: "We were not motivated by revenge. And we did not want to get our own hands on the material, or divert it to OpenLeaks. We just decided to take away these dangerous toys so that Julian could not do harm to anyone else.

Domscheit-Berg rejected this in his statement to Forbes. Domscheit-Berg claims Assange refused to reimburse the costs of investigators who had travelled to Iraq to do background research on the video. He also claims that Assange refused to accept other views, writing: "Julian always cut off any discussions between me and the others.

He is not a founder or co-founder and nor was there any contact with him during the founding years. He did not even have an email address with the organisation until we launched in December He cannot programme and wrote not a single programme for the organisation, at any time.

In particular he wishes to point out that he did not claim Julian Assange liked women younger than 22, but aged around


Daniel Domscheit-Berg


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Inside WikiLeaks


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