The KnowledgeLake platform efficiently consolidates all of your paper and electronic financial documents so your organization can deliver exceptional customer service and meet regulatory compliance while reducing costs and ensuring compliance. KnowledgeLake integrates your content with your current business system; employees do not have to leave their familiar line-of-business applications to access the financial documents needed to make decisions. Easy-to-use search functions—configured by end users—allow customer service representatives to find the right documents at the right time, increasing first-call resolutions and customer satisfaction. Speed Up Back-Office Processes Experience faster and more efficient and reliable business outcomes when you automate financial content services and simplify your document-intensive processes. By automating financial content-driven processes with the KnowledgeLake platform, your financial services institution can reap the full benefits of streamlined, consistent, and reliable business processes that boost staff productivity and ensure regulatory compliance in an ever-changing industry. Drive New Revenue In the intensely competitive financial industry, institutions that put forth the effort to effectively consolidate customer and operational information will gain a competitive advantage.

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Content Management A consumer-like, unified user experience across all content management systems for optimized access to critical business documents. Manage, store and secure information in the cloud with flexibility and confidence Finance, HR, and Claims departments struggle because their document management systems were built for collaborative content.

These departments keep the lights on—opening new accounts, processing claims, auditing loans, and paying invoices—they should have the same ease of use and ability to get content in and out of your repository as their colleagues from other departments. Use our content services platform to make your system sing when it comes to processing transactional content, whether you use Microsoft SharePoint on-premises, SharePoint Online, or cloud storage like Microsoft Azure.

The platform accesses your data no matter where it lives think network file shares, personal computers, half-baked SharePoint deployments and reads your established metadata. You need solutions that allow you to adapt and change.

This has not been the way of typical enterprise content management ECM providers whose strategy has been to lock customers into their technologies by making change as inconvenient and complicated as possible. But the spectrum of capabilities made possible by cloud computing is undermining longstanding "rules" of enterprise content management and data storage. The KnowledgeLake platform provides a suite of no-code tools that can be used to easily create solutions for any sort of document challenge.

Gone are the weeks or months of waiting for people to create expensive solutions in complicated software products. Regardless of where you store your content, KnowledgeLake makes interacting with that data easier and more efficient.

Users are empowered with a common interface across systems and the ability to search, view, and edit content directly from Office or a web browser, unifying the experience across the platforms you have in place today.

Enhance your content management in Teams, Office , or SharePoint with optimized findability, governance, and user adoption. Go Your Own Way KnowledgeLake Content Services for Azure combines the ability to leverage open-standards-based, endlessly scalable cloud storage with Microsoft Azure with a user experience designed specifically for easy access to the content that fuels your business. That means high-volume, automated processing that poses no threat of system crawl or server capacity.

You own your data; it lives in your Azure tenant. Our machine-learning technology can even identify previously misclassified content.

Meet your users where they are An entirely web-based technology able to run on any device and a drag-and-drop configurable UI makes managing changes a non-issue. Choose your own repository Connect to any repository. Users get a unified experience no matter where your content lives and consumer-like tools to access information.

Collect content from anywhere Paper or digital. Home or remote office. Any device, any format, anywhere. Streamline business processes Integrate with any line of business application or workflow using robotic process automation. Keep your content compliant Easily maintain a rich audit history with metadata tagging and hyper-targeted search functionality. Powerful content services with your choice of tools Our repository-friendly content services—built specifically for managing transactional content on Microsoft—can be used to get the most out of what you already have in place or combined with an Azure cloud storage option.

Learn more about the technologies that power the KnowledgeLake Platform.



CMSWire breaks down how you can prepare: We invite you to attend knowledeglake KnowledgeLake event, where you can network with our community, learn about navigating the digital revolution, share innovative ideas and more. Where did our fascination with Artificial Intelligence start? How will users ingest content? KnowledgeLake December 4 at If you feel like your document story is out of control, call us. We think you should check out his article: KnowledgeLake December 3 at This post will try to answer this million-dollar question. Are you planning on moving to the cloud in? What does the story of a transactional document like an invoice look like in your business?


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