Presents applications of the theories to the diffraction of optical wave-fields and the analysis of image-forming systems. Emphasizes a strong mathematical foundation and includes an in-depth consideration of the phenomena of diffraction. Combines all theories to describe the image-forming process in terms of a linear filtering operation for both coherent and incoherent imaging. Chapters provide carefully designed sets of problems. Also includes extensive tables of properties and pairs of Fourier transforms and Hankle Transforms.

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The course was initiated and designed by Prof. Jack Gaskill, and was taught largely out of a textbook by the same name that was published in When Prof. Tyo joined OSC in , he was asked to take over the course, as Prof. Gaskill had retired some years earlier. Tyo quickly came to realize that, at that time, Prof.

This difference gives rise to several subtle but important stylistic requirements that Prof. Gaskill captured well in his text. As with most instructors, Tyo began to add his own take on the material over the years.

Andrey Alenin joined his group in , and he showed a strong interest in both the pedagogy and the presentation of the course material; the two authors have since worked together to refine the presentation. As of the writing of this Field Guide, Prof. However, when John Greivenkamp discussed with them the possibility of writing a Field Guide on this topic, he gave the authors the opportunity to go through the notes and reorganize them into a sequence more suited for this handbook format.

The process is, of course, circular. During the current semester of teaching OPTIR, while completing this Field Guide, the authors have realized that the entire structure of the course will need to be revised going forward. The efforts undertaken to write this book have provided a new perspective on the classic course content.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the following individuals who aided in the preparation of parts of this book. Series editor John Greivenkamp was invaluable for his guidance on style and his tips about what to include and what to omit. Brian Anderson from the University of Arizona read and commented on several of the pages that discuss topics from quantum mechanics. We are grateful to the owners and staff of the Cartel Coffee Lab and the Dragoon Brewery, who allowed us to occupy power outlets, seats, and their Wi-Fi connections for hours on end as we tried to escape the campus and hide in order finish the book.

Tyo would like to express his gratitude to his wife, Elizabeth Ritchie, for her patience while he worked on the book during their sabbatical. Andrey Alenin would like to thank Geraldine Longo for her continuous encouragement, as well as comments and advice on aesthetics of presentation. Scott Tyo.


Linear systems, Fourier transforms, and optics



ISBN 13: 9780471292883


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