Over customers using the WRM products will be provided continual support and long-term product roadmap through Resolver. Resolver is committed to building industry leading applications with best-in-class capabilities for risk assessment, risk management, audit, and compliance, incident management, security operations center management, and investigations. Strategic Direction By acquiring the WRM platform and its predecessors, Resolver will increase its global footprint around the world. With the new employees added, Resolver increases its already impressive domain knowledge of the Risk Management space.

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After risk analysts integrate RISK with an Excel spreadsheet-structured business model or situational scenario, or a Project plan, RISK facilitates the progress throughout a user-driven process of iterative "what-if" scenarios. Buddy System Countermeasures Corp. The Buddy System is a generic "hybrid" application that offers qualitative and quantitative risk assessment, analysis and reporting capabilities. The tool focuses on system, project and physical risks.

Available for small to large systems, the primary market focus is IT, finance, insurance and government, and it is available in versions for commercial enterprises and government.

It provides a quantitative risk analysis as well as consultative and security review tools. Its qualitative questionnaires use "expert" system principles and draws from an extensive knowledge base. RiskWatch RiskWatch Corp. RiskWatch risk analysis software uses both qualitative or subjective factors and quantitative factors to assess the key risks facing an organization, calculates ALE and ranks effectiveness of prescribed safeguards by ROI.

Pre-defined risk analysis templates can also be customized by the user. Survey questionnaires for physical and information systems security garner input from all business units.

Managers of divisions or units can also perform risk assessments for their own areas of authority, and then review the results both within their area and throughout the company. The risk management database can reflect the corporate structure with precision, and exchange information with other ODBC-compliant databases. Each configuration can exchange information with the others, which permits each inclusion of all corporate entities in the risk analysis.

ERA provides models with the software COSO models are included, and others can be purchased , but the framework allows users to build any methodology into the system as required to comply with various standards and regulations. Online Training Synchronous e-learning via the WebEx Meeting Center can provide effective, just-in-time training for general familiarization with the product or for targeting specific complex tasks.

New Zealand time and a. Once the time zones are taken into consideration, support for the U. While a toll-free number for U. Insufficient International Standards and Regulatory Compliance Support Lack of industry specificity could very well hamper users in banking, engineering and international government agencies. Although the product does provide guidance for the U.

Sarbanes-Oxley reforms and recommended standards for data security and project management risk issues, it fails to assist with other major financial standards. In addition, it also does not specifically support compliance with several U. Users in the U. ERA provides an excellent mix of data-gathering and reporting mechanisms to support all levels of contributors in their tasks for developing risk assessments and then making mitigation decisions.

Input from a broad range of contributors results in a highly reliable database of information, upon which risk managers can base both unit-level and enterprisewide risk management plans. ERA permits useful information to be input and extracted for individual business units as well as the entire enterprise. Once Methodware creates a clear support network to cover North America and reflects the standards and regulations present in various areas of the world, ERA will be able to take its place as a true international product.

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