Sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with sweet and sour Thai dipping sauce. Juicy, tasty, grilled sour sausage made from ground pork and rice. Served with cucumber salad and Thai dipping sauces. Garnished with roasted garlic and scallions. Served with baby romaine lettuce leaves and crushed peanuts.

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We will go back. Henri V. This restaurant is on Venice Bl close to Overland Bl. This restaurant has a sister restaurant on Robertson Bl in Beverly Hills and I like some of their signature dishes.

At this location I decided on my favs from the BH location: veggie egg rolls, thai bbq chicken and Ping fish with chili curry. Veggie were crispy and flavorfully filled good. Thai BBQ chicken, I requested will white meat, tasted fresh, not rubbery, was marinated in sweet, spicy tangy and chargrilled smokey good. My fav was the Ping fish chili a signature dish, had the lightly breaded crispy fried sole filet in a red rich spicy coconut curry, with sliced peppers, Serrano chilis and fresh basil leaves..

The absolute best is this dish in Phuket Thailand, where the entire whole fish, usually red snapper or golden pompano is prepared and served with these exotic flavors.

I believe the late Tony Bourdain, raves about this dish in one of his food travel series. This dish is great with steamed rice, sometimes I get the brown, but opted for the white rice to try to capture the memories of thai cuisine from my years ago Phuket Thailand trip Wish it could have been more temperate piping hot and super spicy enough to burn off your tongue. And if the fish was caught minutes ago The hostess was accommodating; initially I sat outside the patio, but too much direct sunshine and no shade was intolerable, I asked for indoor seating with Fendi in tow, and she was cool.

Waitress was nice, and knowledgeable of the food, she had a pleasant attitude and checked to see if everything ok. Interior and exterior was clean modern and tried to be Zen, in this heavy traffic almost industrial area. I was here, to have my MBZ convertible top repaired and had time for lunch in this area.


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