I get a stunning analogical relationship between the nine planets inhabiting the solar system, and the nine months which a baby remains within the body of the mother. Somewhere these nine planets have a relentless role to play in the life of all human beings, right from the time that an embryo gradually develops into a baby. But then, there are certain tips and techniques which we must adopt in life, in order to pacify the nine grahas or planets. You must know that Mantras are not synonymous to magic, and you must understand the value of each of the nine hymns before you desire any positive outcome.

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Navagraha mantras are auspicious hymns or Mantras that act as powerful healing tools that stabilize the adverse effects of the planets in our lives. These play a vital role in determining the physical and mental condition of a person. In Vedic astrology, The nine planets in our Solar System are called grahas as they are the evolutionary forces that teach us how to harmonize with the universe.

The position of the planets and their movements influence our life and affect our personal, emotional, financial and physical aspects. If the planet is benefic or exalted in a kundali, then the native can have a good time during its Mahadasha major period and transit.

But sometimes the planets are malefic or inauspicious in the birth chart or kundali, and they negatively affect your life. In such situations, you may have to face troubles in your life regarding many issues. These situations can be handled by chanting these specialized mantras that cool down the planets and minimize their harmful effects. To navigate ourselves during tough times, Vedic scriptures have cited Navagraha Mantras for pacifying the bad planets in a horoscope.

These Navagraha Mantras are basically beej seed mantras which houses the same frequency as that of these planets. These mantras are sacred hymns in Sanskrit, which upon chanting can curtail the harmful energies of the planets and amplify the positive ones. If you chant these mantras regularly, then the planets will have a positive influence over all aspects of your life. Any health issues, financial crunch or disputes are the results of their movements which may not be favorable.

With the help of these, You will have more peace of mind and achieve spiritual tranquility. The Navagraha mantras for each planet are recited on specific days, and the planets match the human characteristics. They help to remove grievances from the planets and gain their blessings. How To Chant These Mantras? Navagraha mantras have holistic power that brings peace to the planets. The movements of the nine planets influence your daily life. There are times when people face bad luck, failure, illness, and many other unfortunate incidents.

The movement of these celestial bodies mostly influences these occurrences. Each planet has its particular mantra that controls it.

They also have different requirements and procedures. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before chanting these mantras. Timing of the Navagraha mantra: It is imperative that the mantra for the respective planet are recited during the transit of the planets. You need to recite these mantras only when these planets have a negative influence on your life. Start chanting the mantras on the day that specific planet represents. Mat and Clothes: These mantras are holy, so you need to chant them with a clean body and mind.

Before you start recitation, take a bath and wear clothes that represent the color of the planet. You also need to use an aasan mat that has the color of the planet. Such as white for sun, blue for Saturn, etc. There is a particular code of discipline and cleanliness that you should not ignore. Direction and time: You have to use specific instructions and time for the planet. Try to complete the recitation within 40 days. The place and time that you chant the prescribed mantra should be consistent and the same throughout the period.

Rosary and Sankalp: Each planet has its specified rosary bead that you should use. You can use Rudrakash Chaplet or Particular gemstones of the planet such as pear rosary for the moon, coral for mars or Ruby for Sun.

Pronunciation and Rhythm: These mantras will not show proper effect or not work at all if they are not pronounced correctly. One wrong pronunciation can make the entire meaning of the mantra disastrous.

Even the rhythm should be the same, and you cannot make any mistake in the flow of a syllable. These mantras are like voice passwords so their flow and pronunciation should be exact. Now that you know what things you will need to chant these mantras. Let us know more about the nine celestial bodies and the mantras that are associated with them. Surya Surya or the Sun is considered as the Light of Wisdom.

He is also the dispeller of ignorance. The sun is the source of life and energy in this Solar System. Its gravitational pull keeps all the planets in their orbits. Surya is the symbol of confidence, wisdom, power, and sense of identity. He is the king of this kingdom of celestial bodies. He rides a chariot which is pulled by seven horses which represent the seven days of a week, seven colors of the Rainbow or the seven levels of consciousness.

The symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle shows its manifested existence and the dot is the point of creation.

It is the largest of the planetary bodies. When Should You Chant It? You need to do the chanting when the Sun is auspicious but weaken your kundali. It should also be recited when you have a weak body, very low confidence or sour relationship with your father.

A debilitated Sun can make the native face public humiliation during its Mahadasha. He can have problems related to government. Progeny related problems are often due to an afflicted Sun. It also helps students if they are studying for Government services. Even couples facing problems in childbirth should do the chanting.

How to chant Surya Mantra? This Surya Beej Mantra should be chanted times in a span of 41 days. Chanting should be done at the time of sunrise while water should be poured towards the sun in reverence.

This is known as the water offering Arghya. The mantra can be initiated from a Sunday. It is believed that Chandra nurtures life with its soothing cool rays. Since it reflects the light of the Sun, It also reminds the Earth about the lunar phases which are related to the mind and body.

During the full moon or Purnima, the mind fully reflects the light of the soul. On Amavasya or new moon, the body blocks the light and does not allow it to reach the mind. Relation with mothers is also seen through the placement of the Moon.

Chandra influences creativity with its lunar phases. Amavasya represents the moment of creation such as the fertilization of the egg by the sperm. And Purnima is getting the fruits of the seed such as giving birth. If you are facing problems such as chronic depression, sudden anxieties, and nervousness, this Chandra Navagraha mantra will cure you of these illnesses. It is also recommended that you do the chanting when you have a Grahan Dosh in your Kundali when the Moon is weak in your horoscope, or you are having bad relations with your mother.

How to Chant Chandra Mantra? You need to chant this mantra times in 41 days. It can be chanted times daily in the evening right after sunset. You can use a picture of Lord Shiva while reciting this mantra. The favorable day is Monday. Its characteristics include determination and will power.

It is the executive power after Sun among the celestial bodies. He is like the military general among the gods which often leads him to explorations and journeys alone and protects everyone from invasions. In a social sense, it represents space exploration, military action and in the human sense, it manifests blood circulation, immune system, etc.

He is the karaka of male siblings, land and immovable properties. Mars denotes strength, courage, bravery and the fighting ability. He also rules over the competitive ability of the native. He governs the blood functions in our bodies. An exalted Mars can bless a person with good health and wealth.

But a weak or debilitated Mars can make a person timid in nature. If afflicted with Rahu, it can give uncontrolled anger. Mars present in Manglik yoga can often delay the marriage or give an unhappy marriage.

Mars or Mangal may be auspicious but weak, or it may be inauspicious and strong in your birth chart. In both these scenarios, you will have to chant the Mangal Beej Mantra to calm it down. It will help a weak person to become courageous.

Its negative impact may lead to blood-related disorders in the body. How to Chant Mangal Mantra? You should recite this mantra times in 41 days.


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