Shelves: boring-unfinished-books Dear God, how is this book not a joke? How on earth did this get published? I demand to know who encouraged Robert Muchamore to publish this. Please step forward and explain yourself.

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He shoves his teacher over and runs home, an offence he is later expelled for, to find his stepfather Ronald "Ron" Onions visiting his mother, Gwen Choke.

He goes back to school to pick up his nine-year-old half-sister, Lauren Onions and they eat dinner at a local burger bar. They return home to find Ron gone and Gwen asleep, with multiple missed calls from the school on her phone and a note from the Deputy Head Teacher pushed under the door. Later that night, James discovers that Gwen has died, which he later finds out is due to her consuming alcohol while taking painkillers. A few weeks later, on his twelfth birthday, James is called in to the police station, where he receives a caution for assaulting Samantha Jennings and his teacher, Cassandra Voolt.

Later that night, Rob and his cronies convince him to steal a pack of beer from an off-licence. He is escorted to the police station, where he is placed in a cell and his statement recorded. Terrence "Mac" McAfferty. He passes all the entrance tests, and is then sent back to Nebraska House to decide whether or not he wants to join.

Kyle reveals that he was sent to recruit new agents, and chose him. Despite nearly quitting after spending Christmas night outside in their underwear, they both pass. Shortly after arriving back on campus, he finds out that Lauren has joined CHERUB as well and Ron has been sentenced to nine years in jail for physically abusing her and selling contraband cigarettes.

Two months later, Amy tells James that their swimming lessons are over, and they have a mission together. There, they discover that brothers Fire and World Dunn are planning an anthrax attack against oil executives and politicians, including the United States Secretary of Energy and the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, at Petrocon, an oil conference held in the nearby Green Brooke Conference Centre.

They successfully prevent the attack, although accomplice Brian "Bungle" Evans manages to escape. He was rejected by the first agent but taken on by the second. Many different publishing companies disliked the novel and rejected Muchamore once again.


The Recruit

To begin, The Recruit is about a boy named James Choke who is frequently bullied at school because of his obese mother. One day James comes home from school after getting in a fight to find his mother dead after drinking whilst on medication. After he and his sister Lauren are moved to a foster home, James wakes up one day in a secret location where kids are trained to become lethal spies. He must foil a major terrorist plan by the environmental terrorist group Help Earth, who plan to kill every major oil baron in the world, all at once. The Recruit is an amazing adrenalin packed book, with a complicated plot, an extensive range of characters and the perfect mix of combat, campus competitiveness and action packed car chases. Robert Mucamore forms a strong emotional attachment to the characters adding even more suspense and enjoyment to shoot-outs, foiling one of the biggest terrorist organisations in the world or just beating the other team in a casual game of paintball.


Robert Muchamore

The organisation recruits orphaned children and trains them as spies. Once qualified, they are used to investigate targets ranging from international terrorists to gang leaders. As children, they are considered innocent by their targets. Basic training is a gruelling, tiresome day course that prepares CHERUBs for the dangers they could face during missions. Once passed basic training, agents take part in missions, before retiring at the age of seventeen. Most notably, The Recruit has won eight literature awards.

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