Dev was the third of four sons born to Anand. Court and Chetan Anand and the younger one was Vijay Anand. He did his schooling till matriculation from Sacred Heart School, Dalhousie, then in Punjab and went to Government college Dharamshala before going to Lahore to study. Suraiya remained unmarried throughout her life till she died on 31 January Kartik was Christian. Devina married in , but was divorced a few years later.

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Dev was the third of four sons born to Anand. Court and Chetan Anand and the younger one was Vijay Anand. He did his schooling till matriculation from Sacred Heart School, Dalhousie, then in Punjab and went to Government college Dharamshala before going to Lahore to study.

Suraiya remained unmarried throughout her life till she died on 31 January Kartik was Christian. Devina married in , but was divorced a few years later. Gina is a professional photographer. Later, he worked as a clerk in an accounting firm for a salary of Rs. Between them, they agreed that if one of them were to become successful in the film industry, he would help the other also to be successful. They formed a mutual understanding that when Anand produced a film, Dutt would direct it and when Dutt directed a film, Anand would act in it.

While shooting these films, they became romantically involved. The two of them were paired in seven films together: Vidya , Jeet , Shair , Afsar , Nili , Do Sitare and Sanam , all of which were successful at the box office. In these films, Suraiya was always first-biller in the credits, indicating that she was a bigger star than Anand. She fell in love with him during the shooting of the song Kinare Kinare Chale Jayen Ge from the film Vidya — while shooting the scene, the boat they were in capsized, and Anand saved Suraiya from drowning.

The two shared love letters and messages through their co-actors, like Durga Khote and Kamini Kaushal, who went out of their way to engineer secret rendezvous. During the shooting of the film Afsar , Anand finally proposed to Suraiya and gave her a diamond ring worth Rs 3, Her maternal grandmother opposed the relationship as they were Muslim and Anand was Hindu, and so, Suraiya remained unmarried.

Anand began looking for an opportunity to play the main male lead in a film where his acting skills could be demonstrated, so as to dispel scepticism about his acting abilities. Break and the s[ edit ] Anand was offered his first big break by Ashok Kumar.

He spotted Anand hanging around in the studios and picked him as the hero for the Bombay Talkies production Ziddi , co-starring Kamini Kaushal , which became an instant success. This continued for the next four decades. Dev had forged a very strong bond of friendship with Kishore Kumar during the making of the film.

Dev chose Guru Dutt as director for the crime thriller, Baazi The film, starring Dev Anand, Geeta Bali and Kalpana Kartik was a trendsetter, regarded as the forerunner of the spate of urban crime films that followed in Bollywood in the s. The collaboration was a success at the box office and the duo of Dev Anand and Kalpana Kartik were offered many films to star in together. They signed all the film offers and subsequently the movies Aandhiyan , Taxi Driver , House No.

During the making of the film Taxi Driver, the couple fell in love and Dev proposed marriage to his heroine Kalpana. In , Taxi Driver was declared a hit and the two decided to marry in a quiet ceremony.

The couple had a son, Suneil Anand in and later a daughter, Devina, was born. After her marriage, Kalpana decided not to pursue her acting career further. His style was lapped up by the audience and was widely imitated.

He starred in a string of box office successes for the remainder of the s opposite newcomer Waheeda Rehman in C. Waheeda first became a star when C. D became a hit. In , he also co-starred with Dilip Kumar in Insaniyat. Dev also played a few characters with a negative shade, as in Jaal where he played a smuggler, then as an absconding gang member in Dushman, and as a black marketer in Kala Bazar.

In the film Teen Deviyaan , Dev Anand played a playboy. His first colour film, Guide with Waheeda Rehman was based on the novel of the same name by R. Dev Anand himself was the impetus for making the film version of the book.

He met and persuaded Narayan to give his assent to the project. Guide , directed by younger brother Vijay Anand, was an acclaimed movie. Dev played Raju, a voluble guide, who supports Rosy Waheeda in her bid for freedom. He is not above thoughtlessly exploiting her for personal gains. Combining style with substance, he gave an affecting performance as a man grappling with his emotions in his passage through love, shame and salvation. Their next collaboration, Johny Mera Naam , again a thriller, in which Dev was paired opposite Hema Malini was a big hit.

The film introduced Zaheeda and had Waheeda Rehman as the lead female artiste. He tasted success with his directorial effort, Hare Rama Hare Krishna , shot primarily in Nepal around Swyambhunath, and Bhaktapur, [31] in which talks about the prevalent hippie culture.

His find Zeenat Aman , who played the mini-skirt sporting, pot-smoking Janice, became an overnight sensation. Dev also became known as a filmmaker of trenchantly topical themes. In he paired again with Zaheeda in Gambler which went on to become a success. In the s, Raj Kapoor started playing roles of fathers in films such as Kal Aaj Aur Kal in and Dharam Karam in and had put on a lot of weight and films with Dilip Kumar as lead hero like Dastaan and Bairaag were failures at the box office.

He bounced back with the double role film Banarasi Babu in He attempted different genres of films so acquired versatile hero image. He was already 55 when he was paired with Tina Munim in in Des Pardes, which became among the top five grossing films of the year. Political activism during the Emergency in the late s[ edit ] Dev Anand has also been politically active. He led a group of film personalities who stood up against the Internal Emergency imposed by the then Prime Minister of India , Indira Gandhi.

He actively campaigned against her with his supporters in Indian parliamentary elections in He also formed a party called the "National Party of India", which he later disbanded. He launched his son in the Kramer vs. He expected the film to do well, but the film was a box office disaster and Suneil Anand decided not to act in films any more. But films with Dev Anand as the lead hero in Hum Naujawan and Lashkar continued to be box office successes and were appreciated by critics.

Aamir said in an interview that Awwal Number is the only film he signed without reading the script because it was being directed by his senior Dev Anand. Aamir quoted: "Dev saab was an icon for many generations and entertained us throughout his life". In , his directorial venture Sachche ka Bolbala was released. Though critically acclaimed, it was a commercial failure. His performance as Professor Anand in the film Lashkar film was widely appreciated and was a major success at the box office.

Lashkar was his last hit film in the lead role in , with him neither being producer nor director of the film. He directed Pyar Ka Tarana in , without casting himself in any role. His directorial movie Gangster had a controversial nude rape scene of an unknown actress, though the movie was released uncut.

Since , seven of his directorial ventures were box office failures. His films Sau Crore and Censor were critically acclaimed. His performance and direction in the film Sau Crore was appreciated as it was a movie ahead of its time dealing with real life murder of badminton star Syed Modi and the arrest being made of the wife and her ex lover. Sau Crore remains the last commercial hit film of Dev Anand. His last film Chargesheet was panned by critics across the board.

By , he had the second most solo lead roles in Hindi films— 92, with Rajesh Khanna having the record for the most films as solo lead hero in Hindi films — He knew of the "Indian Star" as an actor, more so probably because his romance with Suraiya was grabbing the headlines, and they had a chat. I stopped my car and joined the crowd watching the shoot, hoping that his eyes would fall on me. As expected, he nodded and I walked up to him. He remembered me and we exchanged pleasantries.

However, Suraiya asked for an exclusive meeting with her idol at her house. I was mature enough. I too was a big star by then," says Anand. Off the 35 films he produced, 18 were commercially successful at the box office and off the 19 films directed by him 10 were hits.

He wrote the stories for 13 of his films. Critics say his directorial ventures have always been ahead of their time. He is known to have been an active participant in the music sessions of a number of his films. His association with music composers Shankar-Jaikishen , O. Burman and R. Burman were his closest friends from the film industry.

Manmohan Singh. Sinha quoted: "Later on we worked together in Sharif Badmash and it was really a privilege to work with him". T of a cardiac arrest.

His ashes were returned to India for immersion burial in the Godavari River. His career spanned more than 65 years, acting in Hindi films, of which 92 had him play the main solo lead hero, and he did two English films.


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Telegram Romancing with Life is the latest addition to my collection of biographies, and autobiographies to be specific. I have always loved Dev Anand for all the melodious songs that have been screened on him. Having grown in the Doordarshan era, have grown on all those black and white numbers, which still keep resonating in the ears. The book Romancing with Life moves in an absolute chronological order. Except at the beginning where Dev Anand remembers his life before he moves to Bombay while on a train from Gurdaspur to Bombay. He briefly talks about his family. And what he felt when he left them to pursue his dreams.

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