However, there is one in the person of Rosa Parks, who has left a legacy for which we pause today, October 30, , to give honor and thanksgiving for her service and the life she lived. People: For the life of this woman of honor, Rosa Parks, We say thank you. Rosa Parks gave unselfishly as she served as a secretary and youth advisor; People: For the life of this woman of honor, we say thank you. Leader: Rosa Parks gave evidence of her faith in the Almighty God as she fought for the freedom that belongs to all.

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Her act triggered a wave of protest that reverberated throughout the United States. A seamstress by profession, Mrs. Parks passed on October 24, in Detroit, her home since She was active in the civil rights movement long before her brave act of defiance and was secretary of the Montgomery Branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

In addition to being the branch secretary, she was a youth advisor. The couple volunteered on voter registration and raised money in defense of the Scottsboro Boys, nine young African American men pulled off a train, falsely accused and found guilty of raping two white women in Her action nearly 50 years ago captivated the nation and helped propel a young preacher, Martin Luther King, into the spotlight after he was drafted to head the Montgomery Improvement Association that led the boycott.

Her act of defiance on December 1, reflected strength and bravery that belied her calm, dignified demeanor. For refusing to give up her seat, Mrs.

Her action occurred at a time when African Americans who refused to give up their seat on a bus to a white man could not only be arrested, but even killed. Following the bus boycott, Mr. Parks moved to Detroit because of concern for her well-being in the wake of death threats and the bombing of churches and houses, including those of Dr. King and E. She became a secretary and receptionist to U.

Representative John Conyers D-Michigan , a position she continued in until her retirement in Later she attended high school at the Alabama State Teachers College. She is survived by 13 nieces and nephews.


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Police report on Parks, December 1, , page 1 Police report on Parks, December 1, , page 2 Fingerprint card of Parks from her arrest on December 1, Parks being fingerprinted by Lieutenant D. Lackey on February 22, , when she was arrested again along with 73 people, after a grand jury indicted African Americans for organizing the Montgomery bus boycott. She paid her fare and sat in an empty seat in the first row of back seats reserved for blacks in the "colored" section. Near the middle of the bus, her row was directly behind the ten seats reserved for white passengers. Initially, she did not notice that the bus driver was the same man, James F.


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