Referred to the circuit of Figure 2. To conveniently serve both needs, Its minimum recommended value is 10F. If the standard value for the input capacitors 0. In absence of true CMOS ports or microprocessors, a direct connection to Vs of these two pins is admissible but a k equivalent resistance should be present between the power supply and the muting and ST-BY pins.

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I think I need a little bit of help I will try to explain you my problem I extract the composite synchro with a LM to enter into the MC pal encoder, based en this scheme : Here you can see a photo of the breadboard: At the upper left, there is the MC encoder, with a 3.

I tried to amplify the output with a BFC transistor and I get the same negative results. At the upper right, there is a bands generator PIC based.

At the left down, there is another try of video amplifier, results to a fail too This video amplifier use this scheme : At the right down, there is the synchro-separator, based on LM Now the results in pictures: The game is Megaman 4 and it is a very good game On the classic TV, perfect :D On the computer with a BT, we loose the colour And on the car tv, only few white lines So, i tried to compare the output signal with a correct PAL signal.

Now I make me sure everything is working correctly : We can see everything working perfectly on the 3 devices. So I think my signal is very high? Or is it the MC that create this problem? I tried to amplify o reduce the signal, without any positive results. Sometimes I can have some changes but I never get it working on the 3 devices Thanks a lot for reading me and for your attention Cheers.


TDA5850 Integrated Circuit (IC)



TDA5850 Siemens Semiconductor, TDA5850 Datasheet


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